Cancer prevention


The epidemic of cancer that has gripped the civilized world si rages unchecked. We need to take a more aggressive approach towards preventing cancer, beyond the recommendation that we all stop smoking. Foods sprayed with pesticides or herbicides should be avoided, and we should make every effort to clean up our living and working environments from pollutants. Targeted Nutrition can also play an enormous role in preventing cancers of many kinds, and I recommend the following regimen to all those who want to lower their risk of cancer. This programme is also useful for cancer survivors who want to avoid a recurrence:

•Women who need to shrink uterine fibroids, prevent breast cancer recurrences, or deal with endometriosis or fibrocystic breasts should keep supplemental folic acid below 600 meg.

Because excess iron can increase the risk of cancer, remember to avoid iron supplements and foods fortified with iron unless you are iron-deficient. Also be sure to avoid the use of the polyunsaturates such as safflower, sunflower and corn oil, since they contain fats that can also promote tumours.


Treatments using natural nontoxic therapies for overcoming existing cancer are light-years ahead of conventional drug- and surgery-based treatments. The nutritional approaches are valuable largely because they provide an alternative to toxic doses of chemotherapy. And unlike chemo, nutrition can often stabilize the cancer growth in its early stages as well as yield a complete remission.

  1. First, with the exception of the essential fats, antioxidant nutrients, medicinal mushrooms and some of the herbs, the treatment requires more than just the nutrients.
  2. Second, the therapy must be customized for each patient’s biochemistry and particular form of cancer.

Finally, I don’t want to compro-mise the value of complementary cancer therapy by offering a do -it-yourself solution. If this is your problem, I beseech to find a complementary doctor or nutritionally aware health professional who has the experience to use the treatments effectively.


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