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Contact Lenses And Eye Irritation


If you do not take care of your contact lenses and do not dust them as prescribed by the optician, they can contribute to eye irritation and eye complications. In fact, most individuals who wear contact lenses suffer eye irritation. Therefore, you can notice that eye irritation is very common among contact lens wearers. They symptoms of eye irritation include eye dryness, redness and blurry vision. Apart from these, some patients show some other symptoms as well, but these are the most common ones that have been reported by scores of eye irritation sufferers.


Normally, eye irritation happens due to worn out lenses or sensitivity of your eyes to the solutions. If you are suffering from eye irritations, it is most advisable for you to turn to your optician and describe him/her whatever concerns you have. These symptoms or signs of eye irritation can be minor or unnoticeable, but they can also lead to the corneal ulcers and some other dangerous infections. If, unfortunately, you suffer pain in conjunction with the eye redness, it may be the symptom of another severe problem, such as corneal ulcer associated with a type of infection. It is not recommended to sleep while wearing contact lenses as this can hamper the supply of oxygen to your eyes, which can contribute to increased chances of infection. You, therefore, should remember to take out the lenses before bed.

Due to the insufficient amount of oxygen, you may feel like scratching your eyes and this may cause irritation in your eyes. Oftentimes, accumulation of dust on your contact lenses can also lead to abrasions. Wearing the lenses all the time can also cause irritation, in result; you cannot help scratching your eyes. Your eyes cannot stand too much scratching and suffer irritation. If you leave your eyes untreated and do not do anything to get rid of the irritation at its initial stages, it can contribute to visual impairment. It is advisable that whenever you put on makeup, do not forget to observe precautions as the makeup can attach to the lenses and may result in eye irritation.

One of the most common causes of eye irritation is the use of your own spit when you find no other solution readily available to remedy eye irritation. Most of times this situation occurs when you need to take your lenses out of your eyes and the contact lenses suddenly pop out of your eyes and you find no solution on hand to deal with the situation. You neither should try to use your saliva on your lenses, nor should put them in your mouth. Instead, it is better if you keep an itty-bitty bottle of solution with yourself and use it whenever you need to take the lenses out of your eyes. Sometimes, people try to be over smart and to save money they try to use their own homemade contact solutions. Ultimately, these solutions may result in severe infection or irritation that can even contribute to blindness.

Always keep in mind that eye infections or irritations may or may not be caused by wearing or misusing contact lenses. For confirmation, you should check with your doctor right away. If you experience severe pain along with irritation in your eyes, do not employ your own solutions to approach the problem. Pay a visit to your doctor immediately to have your eyes checked and then follow your doctor’s prescription. Further, when your experience irritation in your eyes, visit with your optician. Never try your own devised solutions unless you are an optician. We hope this article serves its purpose.



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