Early Ejaculation As Part of Our Evolutionary Legacy


As you may have already been able to tell from the title of this article, I am who you might call a “Darwinian evolutionist.” I believe that, as with all other aspects of our biology, early ejaculation can also be explained in terms of our bodies’ evolutionary need to propagate our species. As premature ejaculation causes go, this fact really is at the center of them all.

To build a foundation for what I’ll be discussing in this article, I’ll now take some time to briefly explain the sexual arousal process as it occurs in men. This process (also commonly referred to as “The Sexual Response Cycle”) is simply the biological changes that the body goes through as we become increasingly sexually excited.

It’s a process made up of four distinct phases.

  1. The first is the excitement phase, where your heart beats faster and faster and your manhood rapidly fills with blood and becomes erect, as your whole body ignites with sexual desire.
  2. The second phase is the plateau, where there appears to be no further significant changes for some time.
  3. Once the body has crossed over what is commonly referred to as “the point of ejaculatory inevitability,” it enters the third phase: the orgasmic phase, where you’re standing at the precipice of ejaculation.
  4. When orgasm has been reached and you have ejaculated, the body finally enters the resolution phase, returning to its normal, unexcited state.

A number of studies about the human male Sexual Response Cycle reveal that the average man ejaculates within 2 to 6 minutes after penetrating his woman (given he makes no conscious attempt to control it). While this may not seem like much, we still “outperform” our mammalian male counterparts by a long way as these ejaculate within 3 to 15 seconds of penetration!

Our male human bodies have evolved in such a way that our sexual arousal naturally develops very fast from the excitement phase to the plateau and quickly into the orgasmic phase. This is to ensure that ejaculation occurs as early as it possibly can. And the reason for this is simple and obvious: procreation. Men naturally climax before women because it ensures that the seed that caries the species forward is planted. Our sexual arousal response and reproductive system have evolved to maximize the propagation of our species; they have evolved out of our instinct to survive and for self-preservation.

Early ejaculation, as annoying and embarrassing in many modern-day cultures as it is, is, therefore, nothing more than the optimal functioning of the male body.

Early ejaculation starts to become the problem we refer to as premature ejaculation (PE) when the fact of ejaculating too quickly during sex is not desirable and fulfilling to both the man and his woman to the extent that it causes them both sexual frustration. Viewed and experienced from this angle, early ejaculation/premature ejaculation can be devastating. (The terms “early ejaculation” and “premature ejaculation” are usually used interchangeably; but I hope you have a sense of their distinction by now).

The good news, however, is that, as natural as early ejaculation may be, our bodies and psychology can still be reconditioned such that the plateau phase of the arousal process can be extended out, in effect delaying ejaculation for long stretches of time, allowing the man to escape the ravages of PE.

Unfortunately, implied in this good news is a catch: just as there are things that can be done to delay the escalation of the phases toward ejaculation, there are certain factors that tend to make this escalation even faster- much faster. Bad self-gratification styles that condition the body to respond to sexual stimulation with rapid ejaculation, for example, is one such factor. These factors contribute to and serve to aggravate PE.

Early ejaculation is indeed a relic; and from strictly an evolutionary point of view, it is a good one. But men have since moved from their caves where their early ejaculation was a sign of pure virility, and into their modern homes where the notion of virility has itself since evolved to mean “long-lasting stamina.”

The women in their lives no longer welcome fast ejaculation anywhere as nearly as they welcome good, long-lasting sex. I guess what they are saying is: “We can chew a gum and walk at the same time; give me a darn good time before you get me with child…” Rightfully so, we all deserve a good time.



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