Effective Methods on How to Reverse Osteoporosis


Are you among those, who fear getting old, mostly due to complications connected with aging, such as brittleness of the bones? Well, worry no longer as the truth is, there are several good ways to age gracefully, plus you could reverse osteoporosis.

The principal cause of this disorder is a decrease in the mineral density of the bones, trigger high risk of having fracture. Other causes include change of the quantity of proteins within the bones, plus the wear and tear of its micro architecture.

Men and women at risk of osteoporosis involve:

  •  Individuals aged 65 and above
  • Women, because they lose bone density quicker as a result of menopause. However, men can continue to have the disease.
  • Small-boned women who weigh less than 127 pounds
  • Asian as well as Caucasian females

Despite these risks, you can still reverse osteoporosis by means of certain specific methods. Let’s check out some of those.

Bask in the sunshine for about 20 minutes everyday. This will provide you with vitamin D, that is helpful in fortifying the bones in the body. Be very careful, though, since too much sun exposure can lead to sun burn and skin damage. If you intend to stay longer, for instance throughout a holiday, you should utilize sunscreen with no less than 15 SPF to shield your skin up against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB sun’s rays. During winter, it may be hard to accomplish this, but as much as possible, you must get those every day energy of sunshine.

Steer free of coffee. This all-time favourite actually deposits huge amounts of acid in your blood, thus absorbing large amounts of calcium from the body, which is necessary for the neutralization of acid within the blood. Consequently, there’s almost no calcium left for some other functions inside the bodily processes. In place of coffee, you could instead take advantage of tea, different types of juice, which may be more therapeutic for the body.

Cut down on carbonated beverages. Furthermore, they make your blood acidic, which may rob your body of calcium in order to have the capacity to neutralize the acidity. Other than that, carbonated drinks, as we know can have long-term negative effects on the body, so it would be a wise decision to minimize, if not completely give up usage of these items. Not only can you cure osteoporosis, but you may also have a more healthy life. In place of soft drinks, why not drink juice or tea instead, and water is much better.

Choose your calcium supplements. Some extremely popular medications available in the market, have substantially low calcium content, plus they also have a tendency to reduce stomach acidity, which is crucial in absorbing calcium, in addition to other important components like zinc and magnesium. For optimum absorption, you have to take them before eating anything, and 500 mg at a time, because that’s the most the body can absorb at one time. Too much of everything could be bad for you, so it’s crucial that you be aware of an excellent dietary requirements with regards to mineral and vitamin supplements.

Decrease stress in your life. Stress will increase cortisol levels within your body, which eventually can bring about bone loss. Elevated blood sugar in the body can result in depletion of calcium via the urine. Cortisol basically promotes insulin resistance, which could raise the blood glucose levels in your body. One very effective approach to reduce stress and reverse osteoporosis is receiving adequate sleep every day. It would also be beneficial if you commit to a frequent exercise regimen, which could enhance your defense mechanisms and help fight off stress.



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