Erectile Dysfunction Medications – Explaining Various Types a Man Can Use


Erectile Dysfunction is a serious sexual disorder that affects men of all ages. It is common among men who are over sixty years. Today, however, young men in their twenties are also suffering the same problem because of certain lifestyle and psychological factors. Erectile dysfunction medications are many and different today. They should be used only after consulting a doctor for diagnosis. Some men use any medicine that can be bought over the counter to treat their dysfunction. This is a bad thing to do because some of the drugs sold for this disorder have severe side effects that can get worse if a man has another disease in the body. A thorough research and understanding of sexual dysfunction medicines and treatment procedures is very imperative. These medications include the following.

Oral pills – These are the main forms of treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and are prescribed to many men. They can be grouped into two main groups: oral testosterone pills and Phosphodiesterase Type 5 Inhibitors. The former are uncomplicated pills used by Erectile Dysfunction patients to raise the level of testosterone that encourage sexual arousal. The pills are not used by any person because they are meant for those who have an abnormally low-level of testosterone hormone. It needs to be prescribed by a doctor to protect damage to the liver if used longer than needed. The latter are the main medications prescribed to erectile dysfunction victims. They are simply called PDE5 inhibitors and consists ingredients such as vardenafil, Viagra and tadalfil. These arouse sexual feelings and raise flow of blood in the male sexual organ. This leads to a hard penile erection that a man with Erectile Dysfunction lacks. These, unfortunately, have side effects such as painful and longer erections, back pain, headache and indigestion. Other oral drugs not mentioned above include dopamine and trazodone.

Injection – These are effective although they are less preferred compared to oral pills. The medications are injected into the male reproductive organ so that it can achieve the required level of hardness and longevity when stimulated. The main role of the injection is to enlarge the sexual organ’s blood vessels which in turn increase the flow of blood. The increased blood flow promotes a proper erection that a man needs to satisfy his partner. Examples of injections given to Erectile Dysfunction sufferers include hydrochloride, Phentolamine and a few others. Some people do not choose injections because of the side effects they cause such as painful and prolonged erections. They also cause scarring of the genitals.

Other forms of treatments:
People who may dislike oral pills and injections can choose other forms of erectile dysfunction medications. A good example is nitroglycerin. It is a muscle relaxer which is effective for men who want longer and harder penile erections. It should be rubbed on the sexual organ to work properly. Pellets can be described as other forms of medications used by dysfunction patients. A patient uses a muse to insert an alprostadil pellet inside the urethra. When a man gets aroused sexually the pellet will allow him to have a rock solid penile erection which lasts longer. There are herbal options for men who do not want to use any of the above medications. In addition, any guy who has used any of the above mentioned prescriptions unsatisfactorily may want to get something more natural. Herbal cures include zinc and gingko and they have been found to be very useful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

To enhance the effectiveness of any medication a male needs to make some lifestyle changes. For instance, he should try to quit smoking, drinking alcohol and using narcotics. He must also eat a balanced diet, exercise and look for simple ways to enhance mental health such as yoga and meditation.




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