Fitness Guide for Men


Having a perfectly fit body is every man’s desire. Not only because women are attracted, but it also keeps the person active, agile and stress free.

Exercise can be performed at any age to maintain fitness, whether by kids, middle aged men, or even by grandpas. Physical activities surely have multifarious benefits, from relieving stress, keeping the heart healthy and of course, acquire a quick and responsive body.

A proper exercise course, e.g. cardiovascular exercise with a proper diet can prove even better, when the body becomes more attractive with “six-pack” abs; a much desired look, especially by the new, emerging generation.

But such a body doesn’t come for free. The man has to be dedicated, make efforts with exercises, and make dietary and lifestyle changes. The sooner the man makes strict “laws” for himself, the sooner he will lose fat leading to his desired body shape.


We frequently see or read on media about athletes who turned obese later. Whether man or woman, obesity or being overweight, can pose many health problems for any person. From a poor look to physical health problems involving heart, promote diseases like diabetes, affect the thinking, lead to stress; and these things that we all fear of.

In order to lose fat and weight, the best methods are:

Dieting: It simply means, don’t overeat. One of the most common ways of overeating is having a coffee shop or bar nearby, and your friends inviting you for a time pass. Another important factor is stress. Not only as indication from research and studies, a man also notices in himself that when he is overstressed or in pressure, he tends to overeat, often without control. This overeating causes more fat to get deposited in the body.

 Proper Diet: Maintain a healthy diet, with lots of fruits and fresh vegetables. Juicing these veggies is also an excellent option. These fresh veggies contain all the vital nutrients, vitamins and vital minerals essentially required for proper fitness of men. Apart from these beneficial elements, such foods or juice also contain antioxidants remove the free radical buildup from body, and also remove the toxins.

 Fibre rich diet: If your bowels are in good shape, and you want to retain it that way, include plenty of fibre-rich food in your diet. Fibre rich foods contain gluten that takes time to get digested, giving your stomach the feeling of fullness for a longer time, and hence not frequently feeling hungry. Fibre rich foods include wheat, bread, oats etc.

 Breakfast Lunch and Dinner: Ideally your breakfast should be heavy, and contain most amount nutrients you need for the day, followed by lunch of lesser size, and finally a not heavy dinner, because after dinner, as we usually sleep, the body does not perform and physical activity. However, the brain remains constantly active, and of course, needs a lot of energy to work.


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