Health Problems Part 2


Osteoporosis – the well-known bone-thinning disease that leads to easily broken bones, especially in women – is best prevented by regular weight-bearing exercise combined with upper-body exercise (particularly if begun in the teenage years). Women with a history of bulimia or anorexia are at particular risk. Avoiding caffeine, smoking, sugar and soft drinks is another crucial safe-guard, along with keeping female hormone levels high. However, this is not always accomplished through oestrogen replacement therapy; nutrients can achieve the same goal with greater safety.

Gout is an age-old disease of dietary excess, so you can imagine how nutritional changes will make a big difference. The diseas is an acute inflammation of the joints that typically leads to symptoms such as pain in the big toe. Although acute flare-ups may be successfully managed by conventional medications nutrition serves as a good line of defence.

Gout is characterized by an excess of uric acid, which is one of the body’s major antioxidants. This has led many complementary doctors to theorize that uric acid is produced as a response to excess free radical production and that other antioxidants would signal the body to stop producing surplus uric acid. That’s why I use high doses of the antioxidant vitamin С (5 grams or higher) in my gout-afflicted patients.

Arthritis affects more than eight million Britons and is one of our most mismanaged health conditions. The disease consists of two  different mechanisms for causing pain and deformity in your joints:

  • inflammation (rheumatoid is the best example)
  • degeneration (exemplified by osteoarthritis, the most common form).

Early use of Targeted Nutrition has fostered remarkable results, particularly for osteoarthritis. Obviously, if there is no cartilage left in your joints, there is little natural medicine can do.

As different as osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis are, a considerable number of people have both; therefore there is considerable   verlap in the nutritional approach used for both kinds.

Complementary doctors often use nutritional medicine to correct the mechanism that cause illnesses. A good example is autoimmune disease, a condition in which the body begins to attack itself. Food allergies or sensitivities are usually involved and should be investigated by a nutritionally oriented doctor.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune demyelinating disease. This means the body mistakenly identifies and destroys the protective sheath of nerves, made of myelin. The most common cause of demyeiinization is the accumulation of toxic minerals like mercury, the toxic element that largely constitutes the ‘silver’ dental fillings. Because the immune system considers mercury-saturated brain tissue to be a foreign substance, it begins to destroy it.  Based on hundreds of successful clinical cases, we believe that the illness will reverse itself once the cause has been identified and removed. The treatment of choice is intravenous calcium AER one vial every two days. Though there are no scientific papers, five thousand case histories confirm the power of this treatment.

Many doctors caution those with autoimmune disease to avoid immune-stimulating herbs for fear of empowering the immune system to act against the body; but others, I among them, feel that autoimmunity is really a response of a weakened immune system.


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