Health Problems Part 3


The skin is the largest organ of the body and is incredibly responsive to nutrition. Usually the manifestations of internal imbalances, skin problems as diverse as acne, eczema and psoriasis respond well to a programme of diet and vita-nutrients. Removing margarine and other sources of trans-fats in the diet, such as partially hydrogenated oils, is crucial. Many dermatologists say that sweets don’t cause acne. But avoiding sugar helps more skin conditions than any other therapy, based on the fact that sugar fuels the bad bacteria in the intestinal tract that can cause many skin problems.

However, you should also be aware that each skin condition has a unique treatment programme consisting of certain key nutrients. For acne, I occasionally prescribe increased doses of vitamin A for a month or so – sometimes as high as 100,000 IU. (For me, vitamin A is the skin vitamin, zinc is the skin mineral, and together they are the two most important nutrients for the treatment of acne.)

Women who have the slightest chance of being pregnant should avoid vitamin A supplements, as high doses of A can cause foetal malformations.

Eczema also responds well to the targeted programme above and occasionally requires higher doses of GLA and EPA. For psoriasis, topical vitamin D3 cream in addition to the foregoing regime speeds up healing, along with daily 220 and 660 mg doses of a compound called fumaric acid esters. I also recommend the topical fumaric acid cream. This compound, used both internally and externally, is a major part of our successful psoriasis programme.

Gum health is very responsive to vita-nutrient therapy, which could explain why many of the great pioneers of the twentieth century have been dentists. Periodontal disease, or the deterioration of the gums, is a condition that requires more than just good dental hygiene; you have to give the body the right nutrients to heal gum tissue. Because the bacteria that periodontal disease are fuelled by carbohydrates, I RECOMMEND reducing carbohydrate intake and eliminating sweets ( even natural ones like fruit). I also like to use herbs like hawthorn and gotu kola, because of their ability to strengthen and heal tissues like those found in the gums.


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