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Eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degen-eration respond in varying degrees to nutritional therapy. One thing is clear: prevention, as always, is your strongest card. Antioxidant nutrients are particularly important for cataract prevention.

If your vision is blurring, you may be developing a cataract, or a clouding of the lens of the eye. For treatment, I recommend a stronger dosage of certain nutrients.

Most Important Moderately Important

Glaucoma is an eye disease involving increased pressure of the fluid within the eyeball. The effect can be to damage the optic disk and cause a gradual loss of vision — and ultimately blindness. Early treatment is important, and I recommend using the various eyedrops prescribed by your ophthalmologist and increasing the general treatment programme.

Macular Degeneration
I receive more inquiries about macular degeneration, a breakdown of the highly vascular centre of vision in our retinas, than any other eye condition. This is because the problem is considered untreatable by conventional medicine. In fact, it is quite responsive to nutritional therapy. I start off with an intravenous dose of taurine, which I feel is the best available treatment for the condition.

As you may have noted, all the conditions that respond to vita-nutrient therapy may not be covered in this survey.

One point bears repeating: my vita-nutrient solutions are usually powerful enough to replace conventional medications. However, when combined with these medications, they can turn a safe medication into an overdose. Because vita-nutrients are many times safer than drugs, the drugs are the logical target for dosage reduction. This should certainly be done under a doctor’s supervision, but it is mandatory that the decision-making doctor be as knowledgeable about vita-nutrients as about pharmaceuticals. Should your doctor not have the requisite vita-nutrient knowledge, your health may be jeopardized by this shortcoming. I strongly advise that you make sure your doctor is well versed in nutrition; otherwise you should find another doctor. Should you not wish to change doctors, you should then try to convince your doctor to familiarize himself with this information.


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