Ideal Weight Hypnosis Combined With Gastric Band Surgery


For many obese people a now popular method of weight reduction is gastric band surgery. Like most forms of intervention it works for some but not for others. And there are some very obvious reasons why. For successful weight loss with gastric band surgery there are some key things to do prior to and after surgery, especially ideal weight hypnosis.

A person struggles with weight loss for years. They have tried all the diets, all the exercise programmes, and all they have for their troubles are frustration, pain and sadness.

A person books their surgery; they have two weeks on a low calorie diet. The exact type of diet they have failed on many times. They are already in a stress situation. Surgery and hospital visits are also very stressful.

Post surgery requires two weeks of liquids only. More stress, then a period of gradual adjustment to a new restricted. way of eating. Then adjusts have to be made to the fluid levels which determine how tight the band is. This is done by injection into a port in the band.

Wow it’s a wonder anyone succeeds! Studies show that patients who didn’t adjust their eating were 2.5 times less likely to succeed. But adjusting eating is the problem in the first place!

There is a way to make your gastric band surgery work much better. Ideal weight hypnosis can address all the issues you may struggle with.

Whether it is stress eating, being able to sustain a low calorie diet, overcoming fear about surgery, or even the concern of having a surgical device fitted. The hypnosis can be applied to having to drink fluids, the loss of the ability to eat normally, having to quit favourite foods.

The list can go on and on. There are as many potential stresses as there are people having these surgeries. The point is that you don’t have to fear your surgery or the band or the diet, but you do need to use hypnosis to manage your fear.

Some of these issues will be long term such as the struggle with being able to maintain a healthy diet. This aspect needs carefully work because you have so many connections to past events and feelings.

The fear around the surgery can be handled easily with hypnosis and a few relaxation strategies. By reducing the stress hormones in your system you go to the surgery with a much better chance of a successful outcome.




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