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Natural Herbal Alternatives for Chronic Pain and Management


Pain management has several meanings for individuals living with chronic pain and related illnesses. Chronic pain may be over a particular area of the body or the entire body. The trigger may be due to stress or their may be no trigger at all. Chronic fatigue may be an associated factor with the pain causing increasing issues including depression, and ultimately, the inability to perform activities of daily living. There are prescription-based options to help cope with the pain, depression, fatigue and daily struggles that come with this time of illness. However, there are also natural herbs and supplements that someone living with chronic pain and possible emotional health issues can benefit from.

White Willow Bark

White Willow Bark is a natural herbal supplement that helps with back pain. This supplement is primarily used for easing menstrual cramps and associated pain. In recent years, many individuals living with chronic pain have found that regular use of the white willow bark supplement decreases inflammation that is creates increased pain and discomfort. This supplement is available in gel capsule or solid herbal form and can be taken with water or as an herbal tea.

Green Food Supplemental Vitamins

Individuals living with chronic pain, fatigue and emotional health issues use green food supplements, such as Source of Life liquid. A supplement that is based on green foods offers a mixture of vitamins and minerals that the body may have depleted during painful body aches, cramps or disabling fatigue. This supplement is in capsule and liquid form and can be taken once to three times a day.


Natural health consultants have prescribed magnesium supplements to patients with chronic pain and fatigue for decades. This supplement is one that may be lacking from the body and not regained during normal eating practices. Two to three magnesium pills each day has been reported by patients to reduce pain and inflammation on a daily basis. The reduction in pain has been known to last for several days with regular supplemental magnesium dosages.

Meditation, supplements, proper eating and exercise are all part of the regimen to assist with chronic pain, fatigue and emotional health issues. Though this type of care plan may not completely eradicate the illness and associated illness, it has been shown to reduce pain. Combinations of natural healing, supplements, vitamins and prescription healing have been shown to offer a wider variety of pain management options.



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