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Nutritional Balancing: The Benefits of Heavy Metal Analysis From Hair


There are a lot of treatments that are available that can help you lead a healthy life. Most of these treatments are focused at the detoxifications. Some of these treatments include hair analyzing and nutritional balancing. These therapies include taking a sample of your hair and getting it tested for 21 nutritive and toxic minerals. This is an important therapy and testing it is an important part of the process. You can test the toxicity of the minerals in your body with the help of this simple test and ensure that you are able to get rid of it with the right treatment.

Nutritional balancing begins after you have tested your hair for various toxins. Then with the help of a certified practitioner you can get yourself the recommended diet. There are two types of treatment and it will depend on whether you are a fast oxidizer or a slow oxidizer. Even the amount of water that you consume would depend on that. Oxidation rate depends totally on an individual’s metabolic rate. The reason why hair is tested in this analysis is because the mineral content of the hair will help in deciding the mineral content of the body.

If the test results show that there is a mineral deficiency in the hair then it usually reflects in the body. Some of the very common symptoms of mineral imbalance include depression, hypoglycemia, hyperactivity, headaches, hypertension, arthritis, hair loss, anemia, thyroid disturbance, prostate disorders, digestive disturbance, diabetes, musculo-skeletal disorders, cardiovascular disease, skin rashes, emotional problems and allergies.

A simple hair analysis provides a lot of information that includes oxidation type/rate, energy levels, carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, nervous system balance, heavy metal toxicity, kidney and liver stress, adrenal and thyroid activity, immune system, trends for physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

Every enzyme reaction in the body happens in the presence of minerals. Hair can be analyzed by anyone especially those who are sick and have been undergoing treatment but which has proven to be ineffective. Nutritional balancing is a relatively new science that has been derived from a lot of different practices all around the world. Heavy metal toxicity is one primary cause of mineral imbalance. One of the main causes of this toxicity is exposure to pollution. This is what generally causes stress and other common issues that human beings are likely to face. The only way to get rid of this issue is through a proper nutrient balance program.



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