Penis Health Should Top List of Male Concerns


Most men have a strong interest in maintaining a healthy penis, but not all are aware that penis health is about more than just sexual function. Penis problems can cause pain and discomfort, as well as reduced sexual performance, loss of self-esteem, and relationship issues. It is important for men of all ages to be aware of common penis problems and to adhere to a regimen of penis care which includes good nutrition and regular exercise. In addition, health conscientious men should adhere to a daily treatment of penis nutrition with a formula containing penis-specific vitamins and minerals.

Common Penis Problems


This term refers to a condition in which the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis is unable to be fully retracted, making intercourse and masturbation difficult and often painful. In mild cases, moisturizing the penis skin and stretching it gently may be effective in correcting this common problem; in more severe instances, circumcision may be required.

Peyronie’s Disease

This condition occurs when scar tissue forms at the base of the penis, causing the organ to bend painfully during an erection. There is currently no method for reversing the effects Peyronie’s Disease, so prevention through proper penis care is the key to boosting the body’s ability to repair and rejuvenate damaged tissue.

Bacterial Infections

The skin of the penis is covered with millions of microscopic organisms that are generally harmless; however, if they are allowed to penetrate the surface of the skin, they may enter the blood stream and cause painful swelling, rash, flaking skin and an unpleasant odor. Maintaining the integrity of the skin’s surface through proper hygiene and moisturizing can help to prevent uncomfortable and damaging infections from occurring.

Yeast Infections

Men are just as likely as women to develop genital yeast infections, as this common fungus tends to thrive in warm, humid areas. A yeast infection can cause severe itching, rash, and a whitish discharge from the tip of the penis and can be transmitted easily between sexual partners. To prevent yeast infections from occurring, it is important to exercise good hygiene by keeping the area clean and dry and wearing loose-fitting, breathable clothing.

Reduced Blood Flow

Insufficient blood flow to the penis is, of course, one of the primary causes of erectile problems, which can inhibit sexual performance. However, other problems may result from a decrease in blood flow, due to the resulting loss of oxygen and other nutrients needed for optimum penis health. Without an appropriate supply of blood, the cells of the penis are unable to repair damaged tissue, which may lead to reduced penis sensitivity and the presence of scarring. Other health issues, including increased risk for infection, may also occur as a consequence of a reduced oxygen supply.

In order to maintain a healthy penis, it is well-known that good nutrition and regular physical activity are necessary; however, choosing sexual partners with care, limiting the use of alcohol, and avoiding smoking and other tobacco products are all essential to men’s health. In addition, treating the skin of the penis with a specialized formula containing moisturizing agents such as vitamin E and shea butter, as well as cell-building proteins and other vital nutrients, may also help to prevent common, but avoidable penis problems.

The penis benefits provided by these nutrients can be most easily obtained through use of a penis health crème which is applied topically to surface of penile skin and absorbed directly into the penis skin for maximum effectiveness. These penis-specific vitamins, minerals, and amino acids provide numerous men’s health benefits that keep you feeling great and performing, seually, at your best.


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