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Pimples on the Chest


Pimples on the Chest – Why Are They There?

Pimples on the chest area are one of the more common forms of acne. Though it can happen to teenagers, it also occurs for many people throughout life. Acne that forms here is generally small and non-painful. It may look like small, red dots. In some situations, blackheads can occur here as well. Most times, this type of acne does not have a lot of pus, but it is possible. The severity of the condition depends on various factors as well.

Why Is It There?

The most common reason people have pimples on the chest area is because of the conditions present there. For many, this area of the body remains closed off to the open area so it tends to be more moist and damp with oils. Oil secretion can also be overproduced in this area by the body’s skin cells. This makes for the ideal conditions for bacteria to grow and even flourish.

Add to this the various other circumstances and you end up with the ideal conditions for problems.

– For example, many people sweat here. The sweat can easily gather here. Even a slight amount can create the moist conditions ideal for bacteria growth.
– In other cases, this area of the body is not washed properly or enough. This allows the bacteria, dead skin cells and other debris to remain on the skin for the long-term. This creates the ideal atmosphere for bacteria to flourish.

Getting It Under Control

From one or two dots to a large production of acne, when it is present, it can be painful. If you have acne that is mild, it is often best to treat it with the proper help. First, you will need to invest in improved cleansing of the area. Use a mild soap thoroughly to wash this area. If you use a sponge or towel, do apply a bit of pressure here. You want to pull off anything that is within the pores. It is a good idea to consider a deep cleaning skin solution as well to fully remove debris present.

Using a topical treatment on the skin in this area is also a good option. To do so, simply find a product that helps to control or fight bacteria, calms inflammation and aids in the healing process. You want something that can help to get your skin’s makeup back under control. If the acne is very severe, you may wish to turn to your doctor to learn about options. Dermatologists can help you with problems in this area.

Pimples on the chest area can be problematic. In some cases, they can be so embarrassing that you do not feel you can remove your shirt or wear clothing you would like to wear. However, it is very important to consider the circumstances. What conditions are present in this area of your body that could be causing the onset of acne? Once you know, you can begin to fight pimples on the chest area with the treatment directed specifically at improving these conditions. You can have clear skin in many instances.




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