Six Exotic Methods From Around The World To Fix Premature Ejaculation


Premature ejaculation is found in one out of three men. It is by far one of the most common sexual problems of males today. This problem can be triggered by oversensitivity of the penis, lack of control or consumption of special medications. In fixing premature ejaculation, each country has its own unique methods. Below are some techniques from around the world to treat this sexual problem.

1. India
This is the country where Kama Sutra, the book of love, comes from. This is also the country that originated the Ayurvedic, a famous holistic method for treating health, beauty and sexual problems. One of the most popular Ayurvedic treatments for premature ejaculation is regularly drinking almond milk every morning and night. To make the concoction, you will need 10 almonds (soaked in water overnight until the skin can be removed), blended with a cup of hot cow’s milk, saffron, a pinch of ginger, and a pinch of cardamom. Saffron improves sexual drive while almond helps with the lasting time issue.

2. Indonesia
Indonesia is also known as the place for exotic recipes (locally called jamu) for various health problems including various sexual ones. A traditional recipe for fixing premature ejaculation is by mixing pounded fresh galingale root, pounded fresh ginger root, seven egg yolks, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp honey, one lime and a pinch of salt. Mix all the ingredients, strain to get the juice, and drink the concoction regularly. It may not taste good but it surely helps. Apply some leftover amount to your penis shaft, but never to the head of the penis, before intercourse.

3. Egypt
In Egyptian tradition, the blackstone or Hajar Sa’adah has been known for hundreds of years for treating premature ejaculation. Blackstone is not actually a real stone; it is a solidified form of tree sap that grows only in Egypt and India. Wet the blackstone using 10 drops of water and apply to your shaft where you feel most sensitive. Leave on about 30 minutes before lovemaking. This treatment does not give permanent results; you have to repeat the process each time you want to have sex. About 0.5 gram of blackstone can be used about 50 times.

4. Saudi Arabia
Arabians are famous with their outstanding sexual reputation. Stories have been told about ancient Arabians with their harem girls. One of the secrets to have long lasting sexual intercourse in Arabia is the consumption of black dates. Soak two black dates in a cup of hot milk for two hours. Eat the dates and drink the milk before sleeping. Repeat this method for 40 nights and you will feel the difference as you gain more sexual power and endurance.

5. Malaysia
To fix premature ejaculation, Malaysia has Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia). This plant is actually a native to Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia (known as pasak bumi), Vietnam (known as ca bay binh), and Laos (known as tho nan). Also dubbed as the “Asian Viagra”, the extract of this evergreen plant is known to be able to improve the virility as well as men sexual prowess during lovemaking. The native name of the plant is literally translated into “Ali’s stick”, a reference to men’s erection.

6. China
Speaking of traditional herbs, China is one of the countries that offers a huge number of alternative treatments for sexual problems. The recommended and well-known Chinese herb is of course Panax ginseng or ren shen in Mandarin Chinese. This herb has been proved for centuries to improve sexual drive, endurance and performance. The combination of ginseng with Ginkgo biloba (also known as yin guo), sarsaparilla (Smilax medica), and Solomon’s seal (Polygonum multiflorum or he shou hu in Chinese) will be most effective when consumed by both man and woman. As Chinese herbal supplements for sexual problems are available in many online shops, you should not have any difficulty making your own mixture.



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