Size Genetics Review


When the topic of penis size is brought up, both men and women become very cautious indeed. If things go awry, egos can get hurt and relationships can dissolve in an instant. As a result of course, great businessmen and women capitalize on this and form companies dedicated to finding cures to the problem of penile improvement. Of course, surgery became prominent as it always is when there is a dire problem – it was voted as the safest and most effective method of going about getting a better penis size. However, to debunk the ‘safe’ view about surgery – it was suddenly discovered to be quite dangerous and expensive too. As a result, surgery just couldn’t cut it, and more searches were conducted for the best penis enlargement solution.

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Introducing Size Genetics

As revolutions go, it is arguably the revolution in the penis enlargement industry. When it first came out, it was subjected to a series of tests, which it passed with flying colors. It can be conclusively stated that Size Genetics is almost a hundred percent effective in giving you the penis size you always dreamed of. Let us look at the benefits of using it in this review.

Benefits of using Size Genetics

The following are the benefits you reap from using this product:

  •  You get a longer penis from use of this product.
  •  The girth of the penis also improves, unlike in the case of most traditional penis lengtheners.
  •  People who have a curved penis can use this device to straighten it out.
  •  As an indirect result, you will have a harder and bigger erection.
  •  The problem of premature ejaculation is removed as well, and
  •  You get a better stamina and libido.

The extender has another feature that makes it so appealing: it actually has a comfort strap, a mechanism that allows you to wear it for hours on end without even experiencing the slightest discomfort from its use. The system employed is called a ‘traction control system’, and this ensures that just the right amount of pressure is applied to your penis at any given time. Every single manufactured Size Genetics extender is given special attention, where the tension and force applied is gauged to ensure that there are no faulty products in the market.

Description of the Size Genetics extender

In size, this extender is quite a little thing. It is no longer than the size of a male adult palm. It works on the principle of muscle-building. The principle of muscle-building works thus: when continued stretching force is applied to a muscle, the body reacts using its automatic responses by creating extra cells to cover up the stretched thinness, and this results in lengthening of the penis. With the extra tissue present in the penile muscles comes the need for more blood to fill the spaces, and this triggers a bigger and better erection.

How safe is this product?

Conclusively, this product has been tested by the appropriate medical bodies and has been endorsed as safe for use. People who have used this product have testified to its effectiveness and haven’t recorded any side effects, much unlike the results gotten from conventional penis extending pills.

Contents of the Size Genetics extender pack

Inside the packaging of the Size Genetics extender, you are expected to find the following items:

  1.  DVDs for your personal sexual improvement
  2.  A DVD to teach you some enlargement exercises
  3.  A travel case that allows you to continue enlargement even when travelling
  4.  The Size Genetics extender itself, complete with traction testing.

Finally in this review, your results should become quite distinct by the second week of use.


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