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Stop Hair Loss/Baldness: Get To The Root Of The Problem


Hair loss in men is a common phenomenon, affecting the majority all males at during their lifetime. No matter how much men try to camouflage the condition, the truth is untimely hair loss or male pattern baldness has the potential to give sleepless nights. Although, there are some bald men who look strikingly handsome, this is a concern and there are ways that can help you reverse the effects and regrow a full head of hair.

According to the recent surveys, nearly 40 million people in the United States alone are suffering from hair loss in some form or the other. It is unfortunate that there are several myths which hinder the proper treatment, and people indulge in buying products recklessly which further aggravate the issue.

Understanding Hair Loss:

You should know that an average person loses about 100 strands of follicles in a day, and this is absolutely normal. The cycle of hair growth includes two stages – the anagen or growing phase and the telogen or resting phase.

Each hair follicle grows for sometime, and then enters the telogen or resting phase, stays in the dormant state for a few days and then ultimately falls out when the new hair pushes it from the root. Hence, hair fall is a normal part of the growth cycle.

However, if you have been noticing excessive hair on the brush, pillow or in the drain then perhaps it is high time that you evaluate the health or your hair, scalp, and find out the cause behind the problem.

Your hair loss could be genetically induced or a result of unhealthy lifestyle. It is important to determine the possible reason the triggers baldness and treat it from the root. The good news is that there are several natural hair loss treatments that can be used to prevent this embarrassing condition. Some of the common triggers that lead to and sometimes amplify the condition are:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Underlying disease
  • Anemia
  • Thyroid malfunction
  • Certain medications
  • Scalp inflammation
  • Fungal and bacterial infections
  • Wrong hair styles
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Poor Nutrition

Understanding the Root Cause of Hair Loss:

Hair is basically made of keratin, a protein which is produced in the hair follicles. As the follicles form new cells, the older ones are pushed out from the surface, causing follicles fall out. This rate of growth is about seven inches per year. Stands of hair that you see on your head are dead keratin cells, so hair loss is a common phenomenon, and it is not necessarily the end of the world for you.

The gradual thinning of hair occurs with age and this condition is known as involutional alopecia. At this stage, a greater number of hair follicles enters the telogen or resting phase. The hair follicles which remain on the head shrink and become less in number. Another hair loss condition, androgenic alopecia is a genetically predisposed and it can affect both men and women. Some of the symptoms of hair loss in men are thinning hair, receding hairline, horseshoe-pattern baldness, and so on.

Researchers have found that the biggest culprit for baldness is DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a form of the male sex hormone. An enzyme known as 5 alpha -reductase synthesizes DHT in the hair follicles, adrenal glands, prostate, and testes. Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness in men is caused by the sensitivity of hair follicles to DHT. It shrinks the follicles, decreasing the life span and rate of production.

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Fortunately there are several types of treatments available to prevent hair loss and restore a full head of hair. If the condition is caused due to an underlying disease such as thyroid then proper detection of the root cause and administering it with the right medication should prevent it.

Those who are experiencing baldness or hair fall due to lack of proper nutrition and poor lifestyle should consider bringing about some small changes to see positive results in hair growth. Improve your diet by including vitamins (A, B family, and C) and essential minerals that are known to stimulate healthy hair growth. Drink plenty of water, exercise daily and avoid eating oily/ packaged foods.

Propecia and Rogaine are the popular medications, and they are widely used by men to regrow hair. However, some recent reports have shown that men taking Propecia suffer from sexual side effects including ejaculation problems, libido disorders, and orgasm disorders.


Alternatively, you should also consider using natural herbs such as aloe vera, horsetail, saw palmetto and He Shou Wu to prevent hair loss and regrow new follicles. Massaging your scalp with essential oils can also help in stimulating the blood circulation and preventing hair loss.

Most importantly, take a positive approach to treat hair loss and stop worrying because stress will only aggravate the issue. Live healthy, eat healthy, stay stress free and you will have a head full of healthy hair.



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