The Vita-Nutrient Solutions Part 5


Without a doubt, the most common complaint I hear from my patients is fatigue. There are many reasons for this condition, including a chronic debilitating illness, a viral overload, an accumulation of external and internal toxic by-products, an underactive thyroid and a stressed immune system. But the most common cause of tiredness is diet – and, more specifically, unstable blood sugar. In other words, a diet high in protein and fat and low in simple sugars is usually the best approach for overcoming fatigue. However, other dietary practices can also help: optimizing digestive health, avoiding metabolic poisons such as margarine and junk foods, eating three meals a day, and avoiding coffee and other stimulants as a temporary solution.

The coenzymes of the В complex should be tried if the fatigue does not respond to regular В complex. These coenzymes are active forms of the В vitamins, and they are available at health food stores in sublingual tablets.


Although this term is often applied to people who are always tired, it actually describes a specific kind of fatigue. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a condition where a person’s immune system is compromised enough to render him defenceless against chronic relapsing viruses. This, in turn, impairs his ability to ward off other infectious agents like yeast, parasites, viruses and occasionally virulent bacteria, which are normally kept in check by a vigorous immune system. The usual scenario is a sudden onset of a  fatigue syndrome with a dramatic drop in energy from one week to the next, brain fog or some failure of mental performance and, often, muscle aches.

The nutritional treatment for chronic fatigue may involve the protocols listed for energy enhancement, for acute and chronic infections, for Candida overgrowth, for depression or for all of the above. It really depends on which elements are most prominent. An experienced doctor will be able to help you determine the nature of your illness. The usual combination is 50 grams of vitamin C, along with oxygen-delivering compounds such as ozone. Such treatments help clear up other viral illnesses like chronic hepatitis and can also bring about dramatic improve-ments in AIDS patients.


Similar to chronic fatigue syndrome, this is an illness that mostly attacks women. It is characterized by pain in the muscles throughout the body, but it is not due to inflammation of the tissues. Many people respond to treatments similar to those for chronic fatigue syndrome. Adequate rest and stress management are extremely important.


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