Weight-Loss Supplements Simplified


I always get questions about weight-loss supplements. In a nutshell, many weight-loss products contain:

  1. Laxatives
  2. Diuretics
  3. Appetite suppressants
  4. Stimulants

It really is that simple. By this approach, you can lose all sorts of weight just by covering one’s appetite and making more trips to the washroom. A gallon of prune juice should foot that bill no problem. However, it will not do much for your physique or ability to exercise.

Now the really popular and effective formulae, such as Hydroxycut, contain high amounts of caffeine, white willow and some trace minerals.

The caffeine may be in the form of the herbs, such as guarana, Ma Hung or green tea extract. Caffeine stimulates the release of adrenalin, which dumps fatty acids into the bloodstream. A good many long distance runners will drink a cup of coffee before a race. (This only works for runners who do not regularly drink coffee.)

Most of us know the white willow active chemical: asylicetic acid (aspirin). Aspirin acts as an anti-flammatory and reduces blood pressure that often occurs from too many stimulants.

Minerals such as: chrominium picolinate have unproven claims to burn fat and form lean muscle mass. However, in defence of this mineral, chromium has proven to reduce insulin in diabetics. Some body builders swear by it and it is often lacking in many people’s diets.

Many weight trainees have reported good results with the caffeine, aspirin, trace mineral of formula. It gives them a boost to their workouts and apparently burns fat.

One such case was an overweight guy who dropped tens of pounds of weight within a month, while exercising and taking a concoction of caffeine pills, aspirin and ephedra. Here is the hitch:

  •  He had previously been in good physical condition
  •  He knew how to train
  •  He was eating a good diet

Here is where the danger of supplementation lies. The novice will take the supplement and not train, eat or sleep properly. They will continue to eat junk or starve themselves and either not exercise or over-exercise. They will often become restless, nervous and sleepless. They are left with adrenal exhaustion and flabby muscles.

Now the safer supplements are the old stand-bys, such as vitamin B6, Kelp and Apple Cider Vinegar. These supplements often fulfill deficiencies that are inhibiting weight loss. For instance, a lack of Vitamin B6 will cause water retention in most women. Kelp contains trace minerals, including iodine, which helps regulate the thyroid gland. Apple Cider Vinegar improves the digestion. I like to recommend supplements that improve the health to the point where healthy weight-loss will happen anyway.




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