Anti-Aging Tips – Advice On Which Anti-Aging Products Work


From lotions and potions to cosmetic surgery, there is nothing that people won’t do and no limit to the amount of money they’re willing to pay in their quest for youthful skin.

However from my experiences many of the creams advertised as being anti-aging do not live up to their claims, leaving many of us out of pocket in the process. I know because I’m one of the many women around my age that have been willing to part with excessive amounts of money for over priced products that don’t live up to their claims.

At the beginning of my anti-aging quest I was hopeful, even excited by the promises of the many popular brands. I was eager to try their products and spent untold amounts of money buying product after product hoping that one day I’ll find the magic one that worked for me. And now after several years of following this pursuit all I have to show for it is several expensive jars of half used products sat gathering dust in my closet and of course my bank balance has taken a serious hit along the way too.

For those that are at the beginning of their anti-aging journey, as far as creams are concerned I would suggest ignoring the many claims of companies trying to flog you their latest miracle product, I would also take caution in being swayed by the reviews of their customers. Instead I would suggest saving yourself time and a heck of a lot of money by going for what is guaranteed and proven to work and that is retin A and vitamin C. Retin A will be available from your doctor and there are many websites offering advice on how to use it and where its available. Vitamin C again is readily available and you can even make your own DIY vitamin C serum, there are plenty of beauty websites across the Internet with recipes for them.

My last piece of advice and the most important, is that slathering your face with any kind of cream or serum is pointless and counterproductive if your lifestyle isn’t supporting your efforts. The importance of getting good quality rest, staying out of the sun and eating a good diet cannot be underestimated. I’ve found the best products for my skin have come out of a packet rather than a jar; vitamins and supplements have had a dramatic effect on my skin, everything from texture and color to wrinkles and sagging have improved by taking good quality antioxidants and supplements.



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