Are You a Ex-Smoker or Non-Smoker?


How have you described yourself when you have previously quit smoking? Have you given it much thought? When the subject of smoking has arisen in conversation did you say that you are an ex-smoker or a non-smoker? There can be a big difference between these two labels and the implications of what they mean to someone who has stopped smoking. One label can help you to stay stopped for good and the other may lead you back to being a smoker again.

The Ex-Smoker
The ex-smoker is someone who has stopped smoking and wants to stay stopped but the way they are thinking and behaving is making it more and more difficult to succeed. The ex-smoker thinks about smoking nearly all the time. During those moments in the past when they would have lit a cigarette such as after a meal, during a work-break, first thing in the morning etc, they dream about what it would be like to be smoking now. They use their imagination to see themselves smoking. By constantly thinking, imagining and day-dreaming about smoking, they are making it harder for themselves to stay stopped.

The ex-smoker will feel like they are in a constant battle with their will to stay stopped because smoking is on their mind all the time. Even when they visit the newsagents they will be looking for where their favourite brand of cigarettes are and reminiscing how they used to buy that pack. When they leave the shop and notice someone smoking outside they will hover around for a few moments hoping to draw in some of the tobacco smoke.

The ex-smoker has taken something that should be firmly in their past, and kept it in their future and current moments. They are having a hard time staying stopped. In fact it is only a matter of time before they start smoking again.

They will describe their experience of attempting to stay stopped as being like “hell” and yet it is not the cigarette withdrawal that made it difficult it was how they thought about what they did in stopping. They perceived that in stopping smoking they were missing out on something and none of us like to be deprived of anything. So the more they thought about smoking and imagined themselves doing so, the harder it became to resist smoking.

The Non-Smoker
The non-smoker is someone who used to smoke and has stopped too. They have made their decision to stop smoking and are now thinking and imagining all the things that they want to do with their life and current time, now and in the future. Their thoughts are not about smoking but if it happens to come to mind they have a sense of pride that they have stopped smoking. If they notice someone near them is smoking or smell the after effects of smoking on someone else, they have a sense of relief that they no longer do that.

They have noticed the positive benefits of their healthier life style such as better fitness, more restful sleep, confidence about their appearance, the worry of serious illness has been diminished and they are pleased with their decision.

There is no way they would contemplate smoking again. If they do see someone else smoking they may well pity them and hope that they will stop smoking whilst they still have a choice.

Ex-Smoker V Non-Smoker

– The ex-smoker is having a hard time remaining stopped. Smoking is constantly on their minds and sooner or later they are likely to smoke again.

– The non-smoker is having an easier time and in doing so have increased their chance of making being a non-smoker a permanent and easy feature of their life-style

Hypnosis and Being a Non-Smoker
 Hypnosis helps to reinforce your decision to stop smoking and enjoy your decision to be free finally of smoking.



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