Quit Smoking Before You Are Coughing Up Blood


What is it about human nature that allows us to continue to engage in dangerous behaviours in spite of all the warnings. Why would someone continue to smoke for a whole year after starting to cough up blood. And the big question is how do we quit smoking before it’s too late.

There are only three reasons anyone continues to smoke.

  1.  They are stupid and think that all the health warnings and consequences won’t apply to them. This may sound harsh but there are people who think exactly this way. When pressed they laugh it off saying, you have to die from something.
  2.  Two they really like smoking and are convinced that they can stop whenever they like. Many younger smokers think this way. Older smokers report thinking the same way, until they realised they couldn’t quit as easily as they thought they could.
  3.  Fear of stopping.

Fear is the key. Fear of being able to manage their lives without smoking. Fear of not knowing what to do without cigarettes. Fear of being able to handle stress or social situations.

The question I ask every smoker is, what do you think non smokers do to manage their lives, their stress, boredom, social situations etc. The standard answer is, I have no idea.

Keys to stopping smoking.

1. Make a clear decision to quit and have faith in yourself that you can.

2. Consciously understand that non smokers do just fine without cigarettes. They are not walking around nervously looking for some drug to calm them.

– If a non smoker feels they need to do something with their hands at a social function, they don’t reach for a cigarette. They pick up a glass, hold a plate of food or just feel a little awkward for a will, but whatever they do they manage.
– If a non smoker is stressed, again they don’t even consider lighting up a stick of combustible plants. They find another way, and they survive.
The non smoker enjoys the taste of the food and coffee without adding the flavour of burnt tobacco to ruin it.

3. Take some time to think about what real benefits you get from smoking. Not imagined benefits but real tangible. Educate yourself if necessary. A simple google search will give you all the information you need.

4. Take specific remedial action. While you can logically make decisions, using Advanced hypnosis you will have your subconscious connections to smoking completely removed.



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