Differences in Penis Extender Devices


For men that are seriously worried about the length and girth of their penis and the effect it has on their love life and self-esteem, there are now many treatments that help to increase the size of the penis. Each method varies in its approach to solve the problem and some of them are more beneficial than others. Methods include:

  • Surgery
  • Penis extender devices
  • Male enhancement supplements
  • Penis Pumps

From the options listed above, the penis extender device is the only non-surgical treatment that has been clinically proven to permanently increase the size of the penis, while other methods only work on a temporary basis, if at all. Surgery itself is not 100% effective and in the worst case scenario can lead to a decrease in size as well as causing serious damage to nerves prompting erectile dysfunction.

How penis extenders work


The penis is placed into the base of the extender with an attachment behind the head of the penis. Using supports along either side of the penis, the device stretches the penis gradually. The stretching causes cells within the tissue of the penis to multiply causing the penis to extend and expand. The penis extender devices increase both length and girth of the penis in proportion, again, not something that can be said for surgery.

The suggested time for the penis extender to be worn is between two to eight hours a day, for several months with noticeable results seen within a month.


Although the traction method that penis extenders use to increase the size of the penis is medically proven, not all penis extender devices are effective. This comes down to the way in which they are manufactured. The main differences between devices that should be looked for are:

  • Type of attachment
  • Materials used
  • Endorsement
  • Guarantees
  • Extras
  • Attachments

The way in which the penis is held in place plays a vital role in whether or not the penis extender device will be successful. The main options are straps known as comfort straps. Flat pads, like a band aid support, are more likely to pinch and cause discomfort. This means constant re-adjustment and inability to keep the tension on the penis.

The comfort strap (which may be called a silicone tube but looks like a loop at the end of the device) is the better option. These are normally attached in a much more secure fashion and can withstand more tension than the flat strap without breaking, giving better results.


The quality of materials used will undoubtedly affect the usability of the device. Some cheaper options may use materials that look sturdy but could easily snap or perish within the first few times of wearing the device.

Medical materials will not rust or corrode. Extenders using all medical materials will make for a robust, comfortable device that is safe and effective to use. In addition to this, silicone straps or pads to hold the penis in place while tension is applied are also one of the best options. This is because the material will provide good grip on the penis without slipping. The bars at the side should be made of a strong but lightweight material, such as aluminum. This eliminates discomfort as well as enabling the user to wear the penis extender device through the day without it being noticeable.


As with all products these days, every manufacturer will proclaim that their device is the best on the market and is able to gleam the very best results. Unfortunately this is simply not the case for all extenders. The extenders that are actually effective will have been clinically proven and be endorsed by medical professionals. If a penis extender company cannot say this about their product then it is most likely that it will not work and possibly waste your money.

Penis Enlargement Guarantees

If a penis extender device has been proven to work, then the manufacturers will have every confidence in this and be prompted to offer a money back guarantee and some kind of warranty to gain customers confidence. This will only be the case if they can be sure they will not have to pay out. Any penis extender devices that do not offer assurances such as these would again be unlikely to work as they say they do.


Finally, the extra items a device comes with is important. Sometimes companies will offer several different packages, varying in price with the larger packages offering more extras. Some of the extras may include:

  • Extra comfort pads
  • Sexual guidance DVD’s
  • Spare springs
  • Different length tension bars
  • Male enhancement pills

Although the extras might come at an additional cost, it is worth paying for them as they will no doubt enhance the results of the penis extender.

It is always important to thoroughly look into a penis extender device before buying one and check all of the points made. The penis extender can be the best solution for men who worry about the size of their penis, but only if it is a reputable device.



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