Secrets To Get The Best Wet Shave


Getting a good shave is all in the preparation. Just like anything else in life your shave needs to be built around a solid foundation. Preparation is the key to a great shave. If you don’t prepare the skin properly you are likely to end up with skin damage or a badly shaven face. Your skin must be prepared and ready for the attack of the razor. Begin by using warm water; you don’t want it too warm, just warm enough to wash your skin and soften it up a bit. Fill your wash basin with this warm water and wet your face with a cloth or sponge, wet it thoroughly and clean it.

Next you need to use the shaving substance. Shaving foam or gel isn’t just there so you can see where you have shaved, it calms the skin and aids a smooth shave, stopping irritation and minimizing shaving irritations. Shaving gel is better than the foam because it contains a cooling agent and moisturiser and it is often easier to spread on your face.

If you insist on using foam then you should use a shaving brush to spread the foam on your face. This ensures a nice even spread and it pokes the foam into every inch, ensuring that you aren’t going to be shaving uncovered areas.

Your razor should be sharp and extremely clean. Any debris in the razor will cause a nasty sting when you try to shave. Many people think that a blunt razor is not as dangerous as a sharp one but the fact is that the blunt razor is far more likely to cut your face due to the jagged edge. You need a sharp razor for the perfect shave.

So you have prepared your face, spread your shaving gel and are now ready to start shaving. Shave methodically, shaving one side first. You should shave with the grain of your stubble and not against it, start with the sideburn and work your way down towards your chin, always pulling downwards and being more careful on sensitive areas such as the nostrils and the neck. Rinse your razor in the basin after every stroke, this will ensure you have a nice clean blade every time.

Just like preparation is important initially so is the work that you do after the shave. Most people slap some scent on and leave it at that but you need to understand that shaving is an intense experience for your skin and you need to take care of this delicate skin. Aftershave moisturizers are available that are far better for your skin than any scent. The moisturiser will sooth your skin and minimizes razor rash and irritation.

If you are willing to put the extra effort in you can get the perfect shave in a few simple steps.



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