Erectile Dysfunction Remedies and Advice – Five Commonly Used Options


Erectile dysfunction remedies are many and different. Doctors have continued to discover many treatment options that can be used by patients of erectile dysfunction. ED is a penile disorder that many old and young men have. It was formerly described as impotence and refers to a male’s inability to have an adequate penile erection necessary to have a normal intercourse with a woman. Although common in males over sixty years, sexual dysfunction rate in young men is alarming today. Men who suffer from this condition can use the following five remedies. They need to be prescribed by a doctor first.

1. Gingkgo – this is one of the most popular herbal remedies used to treat sexual dysfunction in males. It is commonly used by people who use antidepressants. One of the side effects of the antidepressants is sexual dysfunction. Gingko is used to relax the muscles which in turn allow a continuous blood flow in the male reproductive organ.

2. L-Arginine – This is another natural remedy which is a special amino-acid used by the body to produce nitric oxide. The N02 (nitric acid) allows the blood vessels to dilate and increase the blood flow. When the smooth muscle found in the male sexual organ is relaxed by the NO2, flow of blood is enhanced which results to a hard erection. In order to gain L-arginine naturally, one is advised to eat foods such as meat and dairy products. Fish and poultry meat are both great. Those who want to gain this amino-acid quickly should use some supplements. Studies have shown that L-arginine has helped a lot of men regain their libido and sexual function. It has some few side effects though including digestive complaints. L-arginine is known to trigger a high production of gastrin hormone that raises the amount of stomach acid. Any man who wants to treat ED with this solution should not have ulcers.

3. Propionyl-L-Carnitine and Acetyl-L-carnitine – These two are effective natural remedies for erectile dysfunction when sildenafil is involved. They result in very advanced penile erections, good orgasms, perfect male reproductive health and happiness of the man and woman. The two enhance the performance of Viagra, if it is used alone to treat a man’s dysfunction. It is important to seek further information about this from a qualified medical doctor for male problems.

4. Zinc – This, as many people may know, is a mineral that is very useful in the human body. It however can get depleted in people who have indigestion disorders, kidney disease, liver problems or diabetes. In addition, people who use diuretics often have low amounts of zinc and may suffer from erectile dysfunction. These people can eat foods that contain zinc or ask the doctor to provide supplements.

5. Indian Ginseng – It is alternatively called Ashwagandha or Withania Somnifera. Indian Ginseng is a herb that is believed to increase libido or sexual stamina and energy in men who suffer from a penile dysfunction. Though its effectiveness is not proven, some people use it naturally to reduce their ED symptoms. While all the above erectile dysfunction remedies are good, men should do much more to improve their sexual health. They need to see a doctor in order to perform a diagnosis. When a man allows a doctor to examine his dysfunction problem closely, he can get the correct prescription.

This problem occurs at different levels.

  • Some men cannot perform sexually at all until they try to find out the underlying causes.
  • Others have simple psychological tortures that can be eliminated through guidance and counseling.
  • There are men who should simply stop their addiction with alcohol, quit smoking cigarettes or quit doing drugs to regain their libido.


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