Green Light BPH Therapy and Its Advantages


Are you suffering from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), or the enlarged prostate? Is the enlargement of the prostate gland is wreaking havoc on your quality of life? Don’t panic. Science has offered a ray of hope for the BPH treatment in the form of Green Light Laser Therapy!

Using the laser light pulses, the surgery works by removing surplus prostate tissue in order to decompress the urinary tube.

What is BPH?
Anyone thinking about undergoing green light laser surgery for BPH should understand what prostate enlargement does mean.

BPH, which is clinically referred to as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, is a noncancerous enlargement of the prostate that causes several uncomfortable and bothersome urinary symptoms in older men, including weak urinary stream, difficulty starting urination, hesitancy as well as increased nighttime frequency and urgency.

Prostate is a gland found between the bladder (where urine is stored) and the urethra (the tube through which urine passes). As the prostate enlarges, it obstructs the bladder opening and squeezes the urinary tube to cause complete obstruction of the canal, which slows or blocks the flow of urine from the bladder.

Also referred to as prostatic hypertrophy, prostate gland enlargement is age dependent, according to the American Urological Association (AUA). A man’s prostate usually starts to overgrow after he reaches 40 years of age. By the time men reach the age of 60, more than 50% of them experience enlarged prostate, and this number jumps to 90% by the age of 85.

Green Light Laser Surgery Technique
With the new advancements in the recent past, the BPH treatment technology evolved from simple medications and conventional surgical techniques like TURP to ultra modern “green light” therapy.

BPH treatment with green light laser is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which a urologist uses a cystoscope to insert a small fiber into the urethra. The 100-120 watt laser energy from the green light band eliminates the overgrown prostate tissue by burning it away, without damaging the healthy tissue.

By some estimates, a total of 500,000 green light laser surgeries have been performed worldwide on patients with an enlarged prostate.

The latest technology for the BPH treatment is advantageous in many ways. Some of the benefits may include:

  •  Natural urine flow is rapidly restored
  •  Significant improvement in urine flow
  •  Urinary symptoms are relieved in most patients soon after the surgery
  •  Shorter hospital stay. BPH surgery doesn’t require overnight stay. However, foreign patients or those with any other medical condition may require an overnight stay
  •  Quicker recovery. Most patients return home mere hours after the surgery
  •  Patients can return to normal non-strenuous activities within days
  •  The surgery is much less traumatic than traditional methods and virtually a bloodless procedure as it involves no cutting. Thus, it carries minimal risk of blood transfusion.
  •  The surgery has far fewer side effects than conventional TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate) surgery
  •  shorter periods of catheterization
  •  Green Light Laser Therapy comes with fewer side effects.
  •  The surgery can be performed in hospital outpatient center
  •  Less than 1% of men will experience sexual dysfunction following the green light laser surgery.


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