Is Super Beta Prostate Safe?


Super Beta Prostate contains all the essential nutrients required for healthy prostate functioning. It is made up of all-natural ingredients and supports health of prostate and healthy urine flow. So the answer to the question, is super beta prostate safe is a definite yes. The prostate gland is present at the base of urinary bladder and it surrounds the urethra (the tube which carries urine from urinary bladder to male reproductive organs). It secretes a fluid that acts as a lubricant and helps in preventing infections in the male urethra. The fluid mixes with the seminal fluid and protects and energizes the sperm during ejaculation. So, good health of prostate is vital for the proper functioning of male reproductive system and urinary system in males.

Super Beta Prostate contains beta-sitosterol and other vitamins and minerals. The phytochemicals found in beta-sitosterol support prostate health in men. It was developed by the chemist Roger Mason and is a breakthrough in the products dealing with health of prostate gland. Saw palmetto berries are known for their therapeutic powers in promoting healthy prostate functioning. But for getting the plant sterols of the same amount as present in one capsule of Super Beta Prostate, you will need more than hundred saw palmetto capsules of the same size. Intake of a caplet twice a day,one in the morning and another caplet to be taken at night is recommended. Skeptics may ask that is super beta prostate safe or not. You can completely rely on the safety and efficacy of this product.

It contains beta-sitosterol of pharmaceutical grade and other prostate supporting ingredients. Each serving contains about 600 mg of plant sterols, 35mcg Selenium (a powerful anti-oxidant) and 7.5 mg Zinc (essential for immune system and prostate gland). Copper ( antioxidant properties), manganese ( essential for reproductive health), chromium, germanium (vital for men’s health), iodine (support prostate health) are also present. Silicon (supports immune function), vanadium (vital for healthy functioning of prostate), boron (supports prostate health) and molybdenum (essential cofactor in uric acid production) are also included.

Since Super Beta Prostate is completely natural and made up of herbal ingredients so it is virtually devoid of any side effects or adverse affects. So, you need not worry about the questions like is super beta prostate safe or not. But if you have other health concerns or are on prescription medication for any disease you must consult your physician before taking these caplets. Still if you are not satisfied with the product due to any reason there is an unconditional guarantee and your entire money minus the shipping and handling charges will be refunded. So, if you are proactive about the health of prostate gland and want to support its functioning by giving it the proper nutrition then Super Beta Prostate is the perfect choice for you.



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