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How to Choose the Best Creams for Getting Rid of Dry Skin


By the time you finish reading this you should be able to choose the best creams for getting rid of dry skin. The secret is purchasing the right creamy cleansers, emollient based moisturizer, and a gentle exfoliate for dry skin, and topping all off with the best sunblock. The hardest part of the process is learning to read labels and ingredients, think creams, balms and thick lotions that are oil or wax-based.

When choosing a cleanser think creamy with mid synthetic surfactants like cleansing milks. Dry skin is also a great candidate for a cold cream cleanser, cleansing oil or a balm; they basically act on the same gentle cleansing principle. Stay away from cleansers containing a detergent such as sodium laureth sulfate which can irritate dry skin.

When you have dry skin exfoliating with acids can be very irritating, because they lower the natural ph balance of the skin. However, there is a gentle option, lactic acid, which is probably the cheapest and easiest exfoliate around. Just soak a washcloth in plain milk, then rest the damp cloth on your face, neck and upper chest for a minute or two. You can dunk the cloth again and repeat, but do not overdo it and cause inflammation. Four minutes on your skin is more than enough to see results. Essentially, you will be getting a light chemical peel, but the fatty proteins in the milk act as a moisturizing buffer to the lactic acid. Milk also has anti-inflammatory and humectant properties that help to sooth and moisturize skin simultaneously. Talk about a perfect and organic beauty food!

When choosing a moisturizer, choose occlusive emollients that create a protective barrier, these are ingredients with mineral oil, Shea butter, lanolin, or petrolatum, because they create a protective barrier for dry skin. For your day-time moisturizer, look for the mentioned ingredients and include an SPF 15 or greater. Use the same moisturizer at night without the SPF.

The right cleanser, exfoliate, and moisturizer cam help get rid of dry skin. But the most important beauty product, regardless of skin type is a sunscreen.

These days it is so easy to incorporate sunscreen into your daily routine that there is no excuse not to wear it every single day. It is difficult to find a daily moisturizer without an SPF or sun protection factor of at least 15. But one thing is clear your daily moisturizer must contain a sunscreen or sunblock, and you must wear it.

If the fear of skin cancer it not enough, consider that researchers estimates that UV exposure accounts of 80 percent of the skins process, sun spots, wrinkles dry skin. The best prevention against photoaging is wearing sunscreen every day. It is the most powerful anti-aging product bar none.



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