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Basic Skin Care Regimen


Guys, this one is for you too. Skin care isn’t just for the ladies, but for everyone who wants to retain their youthful skin. By following a daily skin care regimen (doesn’t have to be complex), it can help keep your face clear of the evil acne monsters, which of course has a huge effect on self-esteem and confidence levels.

You look better, and you feel better. So why not take a few extra minutes out of your daily routine to make your skin happy?

First of all, it is important to determine your skin type: normal, oily, dry, or combination. There are different products made specifically for each skin type that are more suitable than the others. For example, if you have oily skin, you want to avoid products that contain oils as it can clog up your pores, causing acne and breakouts.

There are so many brands out there, so which one should you go with? There is no definite answer because everybody’s skin is different and reacts differently to different products/brands. One product may work wonders for Amy who has oily skin, but it hardly shows results for Becky who also has oily skin. She may need another product that contains stronger ingredients. Thank goodness for the internet, you can conveniently access product reviews from others who may share the same skin type and concerns as you.

There are 4 essential steps to a basic skin care regimen: cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and sunscreen.

1. Cleanse
This is probably the most obvious step. If you clean your body with soap when you shower, it only makes sense to also wash your face with a cleanser. Afterall, it is skin and it is exposed to the environment, which can be filled with dust and dirt. This is also the most important step in preventing acne; you don’t want your pores to clog up. Wash your face with a cleanser twice daily. Keep in mind not to overwash as it can dry out your skin and your oil glands may end up producing even more oils–resulting in acne prone skin!

2. Exfoliate

Many people skip this step, but they don’t realize how important this step is. By exfoliating, you remove the dead skin cells that make your skin appear dull so your skin looks brighter and more youthful. Ever wonder why no matter how much moisturizer you apply, your skin still ends up looking dry and flaky? Yep, those are dead skin cells. Use a gentle scrub 1-2 times weekly to buff away those dead skin cells to reveal your glowing skin. Do not exfoliate too often as it can irritate your skin.

3. Moisturize
After cleansing and exfoliating, use a moisturizer to rehydrate your skin to keep it soft and looking fresh. Moisturizing your skin helps treat your skin when it’s dry and also prevents it from drying. For those with oily skin who think, “My skin is oily, I don’t need to moisturize” or “Moisturizers make my skin even more oily”, that is not true–you still need to moisturize! Moisturizers also act as a barrier for your skin from the harmful outside elements. Just find a moisturizer that is oil-free which is more suitable for oily skin types. Sometimes the reason why you have oily skin is because your skin is dry and your oil glands work harder to produce natural oils.

4. Sunscreen
Sunscreen is probably the most important product that is overlooked when it comes to skin care. It is not true that you only need sunscreen on those hot summer days. You should apply sunscreen everyday before stepping outside, whether it’s sunny, rainy or snowy. Not only does sun exposure cause sun burns or unwanted tans, but it can also cause wrinkles and freckles. In more extreme cases, skin cancer. If you’d like, you can also opt for a 2-in-1 moisturizer that contains SPF.

The key to a skin care regimen is using the right products that work for your skin and following the regimen daily! Be consistent and you will soon see the results of beautiful, youthful, and radiant skin.