How To Quit Smoking – Identify the Crucial Cigarettes


Some smokers have up to sixty smokes a day or more. But most of these are go unnoticed and not even enjoyed. Many are stubbed out after only a few puffs. But there are a few crucial cigarettes every day. To discover how to quit you need to identify these smokes and understand what they mean to you.

For example the first smoke of the day might be when you get out of bed and you have it with a coffee.

– The meaning could be that this smoke signifies waking up and getting set up for the day.
– A coffee and smoke at 10 am may mean that you need a break or time to think and plan.
– At the end of the day, a smoke on the patio with a beer or wine may signify that the day is done and it’s time to relax.

It’s almost as if tobacco has a magical quality. It can wake you up, help you think, help you to relax, not to mention solve boredom, make you a better driver, show others you don’t care about societies rules and in the past made you look cool. Some young smokers still think this is the case.

It is these cigarettes, and others which you know are the stumbling blocks to you successfully quitting for life.

It is important to understand what these smokes mean to you. And to come to a realization that you can still achieve all you want without them.

No single drug can help you wake up, relax you and help you to think. It’s only the meaning you have given to these smokes that give them power over you.

If anytime you wanted to relax you took a moment away from work and played with a Yo Yo for five minutes, and you did this every day for a month. Soon you would claim that your Yo Yo causes you to relax.

If you look at non smokers they all have ways to energize, relax, think etc without cigarettes. It’s not the smokers that help you it’s the rituals you have created. To learn how to quit is to firstly understand consciously that the smokes don’t help with anything.

The next thing to do is to use advanced hypnosis to shift any old thinking from your unconscious mind. Now your conscious mind and unconscious mind are on the same team. And you can be free from smoking.



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