How To Quit Smoking – Understand Your Special Cigarettes


Every smoker has those special cigarettes. The ones they think about and plan for. They ones that take their entire attention, stop them thinking until they have them. If you want to know how to quit smoking the first thing is to identify these smokes.

Once you clearly know when these times are, such as first thing in the morning with coffee, at the end of the day with beer or a glass of wine, perhaps its exactly 10.15 for a work break, you can then begin to see the pattern of your smoking.

You will also realise that the other smokes of the day are just gap fillers, and for most smokers they could survive quite easily without these extra cigarettes.

Any smoker knows that in some circumstances they can easily double their smoking over drinks or at a party. They get in a certain mood and just keep on lighting up.

They also know that if they decide to cut down, that they can. But cutting back on smoking isn’t just a random act. Smokers only leave out those gap filling cigarettes, never the special ones. Sure it is beneficial to your health to cut back, any your loved ones will think you are on track to quitting entirely.

But in the scheme of quitting, cutting out the non important smokers, doesn’t have any relevance. It’s just a show of quitting. But the smoker knows they haven’t really achieved anything.

Many smokers unconsciously smoke, that is they light up without even thinking about it, and often only smoke a part of the cigarette. These acts are meaningless; it is the special cigarettes which have the real hold on them.

These smokes have strong mental and emotional connections. It is these bonds which have to be broken in order to become a non smoker for life.

Take a moment to understand your special cigarettes, such as what you really get out of relaxing on your patio with a smoke and a glass of wine, or where the real benefit comes from walking away from your computer for a few minutes. You will then begin to see that these special cigarettes are not so special it is the rituals built around them that are special.

Recognising this is your first step to becoming a non smoker for life. The next is to take action an seek out an hypnosis specialist. This is the only way to break those bonds.



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