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How To Stop Sweating And Live A Happy, Stress-Free Life


Sweating is a natural body activity through which the body helps control its temperature. Sweating is also a way through which the body gets rid of waste materials. Even if sweating is a natural phenomenon, it can be embarrassing at times. This is especially if you sweat too much. A little sweating is normal and therefore, should not be embarrassing. Beyond being embarrassing, excessive sweating is costly; you cannot stay with clothes for on as they get sweat stains and become unattractive. There are a number of books on how to stop sweating. The aim of the authors is to help you overcome this embarrassing problem.

Is There A Solution To Excessive Sweating?

Yes, there are solutions to excessive sweating. The first step towards solving this embarrassing problem is to first be sure if yours is excessive sweating or not. A little sweating is very normal. After you are sure that yours is a case of excessive sweating, you can now go ahead to deal with this problem. There are a number of remedies to this problem, some are medical while others are home based.

Medical Remedies

  • The medical remedies to the problem of sweating include drugs administered by your doctor. Some of these drugs are propantheline or phenoxybenzamin. Another medical remedy is iontophoresis, a way of reducing sweat glands activity. This involves passing low-level electricity current all the way through the skin. This type of treatment is most appropriate for reducing sweating on palms and soles; helps stop sweating on the hands and feet.
  • Yet another medical is a Botox injection, this is a temporary solution as it paralyses the sweat glands for some time say six to nine months. After the duration, you can go for another injection. The injection can be n any part of the body.
  • Liposuction is another medical solution for people suffering from excessive sweating in the armpits; the sweat glands are removed from the armpits.
  • Surgery is another solution but an extreme one. This involves skin grafting that will help remove the nerves controlling the sweat glands.

Home Based Solutions Remedies on How to Stop Sweating

These remedies do not involve medical interventions. One of these remedies is to shave your armpits always. If the excessive sweating problem is on the armpits, it is advisable you shave them. With your armpits clean and clear, chances of sweating are reduced. Even if you sweat, the sweat will not be retained there, thus ensuring that you remain fresh. Another remedy could be resorting to body antiperspirants, deodorants and sprays that are designed to keep your skin dry for long.

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Stress and anxiety are major causes of excessive and abnormal sweating and solving the issues causing the anxiety and stress will go a long way into solving the sweating problem. This can be solved by seeing a counselor or by talking to a friend. Not all the suggestions on how to stop sweating are safe and therefore one should consider seeking medical advice before resorting to any of them. Some have side effects.



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