Hypnagogic Hallucinations Sleep Problems


Hypnagogic hallucinations are defined as dreamlike hallucinations which happen when the sufferer is about to drift off. This is a mindset where a person feels, sees or hear things which are not really present.

Frequently, these dreams are quite terrifying that it can stimulate a person with fear, sudden jerk or arousal when she or he is about to fall asleep. For example, a person may dream of being submerged in water and wake up with a sudden jerk. Even though many people tend to relate it with a dream, the environment is in fact a hallucination. A hypnagogic hallucination can occur to anyone and there are several reasons for it to happen.

Hypnagogic hallucinations are not really a sign of serious problems.

— An erratic sleeping schedule can be a contributing aspect for these hallucinations to occur. This is due to the fact that these factors can trigger certain neutrons in a person’s nervous system to make illusions in his or her mind.
— Another possible cause of these hallucinations is drug overdose, where the person’s mind is affected by that particular substance when it already goes past the normal toxicity level.

Hypnagogic hallucinations trick the person’s mind into believing that what she or he is seeing, hearing or feeling is true. The most common situation that many people experience is the sensation of falling down. A lot of people have at some time suffered this sensation as an abrupt jerk which takes place when she or he is about to drift off. For some individuals, the sense that there’s something or someone else in the area can be somewhat distressing. There are recognized cases where the sufferer sees spiders, shadows, rats and other intruders in their room.


Experiencing hallucinations at one point in a person’s life is not unusual. On the other hand, if a sufferer experiences these hallucinations regularly, then it should not be ignored. Adapting to a healthier lifestyle as well as maintaining a normal sleep schedule can help eliminate these hallucinations. This will not only assist a person to deal with this problem but it can also help one to have a healthier body. Keeping a journal to record the feelings, sounds and images experienced by the sufferer can also be a lot of help in dealing with this problem.

There is also a condition in which a person experiences hallucinations when he or she is waking up. This is called hypnopompic hallucinations. A person who is suffering from this condition may undergo a hypnopompic therapy if he or she wants to get rid of these hallucinations. This is quite necessary if the hallucinations are already affecting the person’s life and daily activities.

People who suffer from sleep problems can also get assistance from proper authorities of this matter. A sleep clinic can offer a lot of help to those who are suffering from sleeping disorders as it has all the equipment and facilities needed for testing as well as verifying a person’s specific sleeping problem. This way, the sufferer will be able to get proper assistance on how to deal with these hallucinations.



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