The Energy Healing Curve


If you have recently received a Reiki or other energy healing treatment, or you are a Reiki / energy student, the chances are that you will have heard about or experienced a ‘healing curve’. Often my students ask what it is and how to work through one if it occurs. The following article is a short overview.

When working with Reiki healing or other holistic energy therapies, the client or student may experience some reactions. This is due to the body starting the cleansing process and is perfectly natural. It is an indication that your body is positively responding to the treatment (or training) that you have received. However, not everyone experiences a healing curve (which doesn’t mean that you haven’t taken any benefit from the energy healing). Mostly people will just feel very calm, relaxed and often enjoy much improved quality of sleep.

As we go about our normal lives, we are subjected to many different types of toxins including – chemicals, air pollutants, additives in our food, smoking, drugs and alcohol. Then there are the emotional aspects that we retain in our bodies – emotions that are often deep-rooted. All these things are stored in our energy system and when we have an energy healing treatment, it gives the body a kick-start in bringing the energy system back into balance.

The healing curve can vary from one individual to another depending upon personal emotional and physical needs and states and it can last between a few hours to a couple of days. There is nothing to be concerned about but it is important to take care of yourself following the treatment (or training) for the following few days. This will also give your body a chance to re-adjust to the new way of being.

Symptoms of a Healing Curve

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the symptoms clients and students might experience as part of the healing curve:

– Tiredness
– Emotional
– Cold like symptoms
– Shivering
– Feeling cold
– Headache
– Slight nausea
– Vivid dreams

However, to help prevent these symptoms and help your body to rebalance naturally, here are some of the ways that you can look after yourself as soon as the treatment or training has finished:

– Sip clean fresh water – this will help your body to remove the toxins
– Eliminate coffee, tea, carbonated drinks
– Eat only light meals
– Avoid alcohol
– Take it easy for the next 24 hours
– Relax!
– Go to bed early so that you are well rested

If at any time you are concerned contact your therapist or trainer – they will be able to assist.

I hope you continue to enjoy your energy healing therapy treatments and training and that you quickly feel the positive benefits to your health and life in general.



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