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Making Decisions, Goal Setting and Writing As Catharsis


1. Making Decisions

The first thing you have to do to conquer your bipolar is to be prepared to take massive action in your life.

– If you do not, then you will not progress and be a victim of the law of diminishing intent.
– If you decide to act instead of hesitating then you will be amazed at the opportunities for turning your life around that are out there.

2. Goal setting

Writing down specific goals is an essential part of getting better. You have to write your goals down every day in a certain, very specific, way. Feel free to change your goals at any time if you want. They are flexible. The more goals you write each day the more you will accomplish.

Write your goals in the first person and in the present tense. They can be as ambitious as you want, although you have to believe that they are possible. Aim to write at least 10-15 goals half an hour before you sleep. Your subconscious mind will process them and you will be ready for action when you wake up. Feel free to add more goals in the morning and throughout the day. Carrying your goals with you on your mobile phone in the ‘notes’ section makes keeping them with you at all times easy.

Most people will never write their goals down. If you can write yours down you will stay focused. Make sure that your goals are believable as well. If it helps you can add a date and even a year to your goals. The more goals that you write down every day, the more you will accomplish. Do not neglect any achievement, no matter how small – each one is a cause for celebration.

3. Writing as catharsis

Writing can be a cathartic process. Writing one’s autobiography is a deeply personal process. When I wrote A Can of Madness I poured my heart out on the page. It was extremely intense but, overall, an extremely rewarding experience. Writing saved my life and enabled me to put my manic depression behind me once and for all. I urge you to trust the writing process and just let the things in your head just pour out onto the page like I did.

You may already harbor dreams of being a writer, or you may have never tried, or even considered, writing before. Whatever your previous writing experience, you will be amazed at the results.



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