A Few Practical Uses of How I Use Meditation in Everyday Life


At times focusing the mind on an object such as counting or movements can help you get through painful events even when your body has undergone many tragedies and you live with pain. Apply the tools you learn from your meditative practice to overcome or endure everyday life circumstances. Following are a few examples of how I have used meditative practices to manage pain.

I’m focusing more on the power of the mind to overcome the tragedies to my body such as a recent car accident and therapy, relapses related to illness, diagnosis of illness, and for years undiagnosed illness. Setbacks occur but I find the courage to persevere and deal with them if not overcome them. I look for tools such as meditation to focus my thoughts and forgive my body and life for challenging me and usurping my business and career goals.

A few months ago, while going to doctors for therapy after a car accident I lost a lot of yoga practice time. The medications did help with pain management, inflammation and spasm but I wasn’t capable of practicing physical yoga especially twists. I did find some restoratives helpful. Still can’t do twists. Also I lost some range of motion and flexibility. Due to more restrictions because of the impact of the accident I decided to focus more on meditation and completed an Insight Meditation Teacher series.

After practicing various meditation techniques since the early 1990’s, I like this form of meditation a lot because it gives me more energy, I free buried thoughts and am more present. I’m always surprised at how liberated and aware I feel after. Sometimes the next morning I wake with visualizations of fire. It feels harmless and safe. I see it as initiation motivating me into action. One morning I woke with ice in my mind. A friend was present and I was walking safely on the ice with no fear. Of course that was in my thoughts upon awakening.

The meditative practice opens me to creative ideas and the concept of time shifts. Often it feels like I have two to five times as much time in my day. Of course that is after I have practiced and depends on which type of meditation. Now, the challenge is to use that time more constructively. Conquer my lists. Even so, I feel more alive on those days I spend in meditation.

Walking meditation has even helped me when I’ve gotten lost, walked too far for my injured body, and had extreme hip pain. I simply thought right step left step continuously and focused my mind away from the hip pain to the steps and I made it to my destination.
On another night, I got stuck in a thunderstorm with the rain pouring down. Again, I focused my thoughts on this step then that step.

Don’t know how I made it but I know focusing my thoughts on the object of the steps helped me rise above the pain and continue.

I still have symptoms to face and wreckage to the body to remind me of the past but I have tools to use to face what presents daily. Honestly, I can temporarily focus my thoughts to overpower the pain in the body. Through these meditative practices I haven’t found any side effects except that when I stop the awareness on repetitive thoughts the pain returns. A little relief while overcoming life’s dilemmas has served me well.

Trough Meditation, Yoga, and Energy Healing with Essential Oils I guide clients and students through self-discovery and coping with illness, losses, and challenges. When directing classes and sessions I use a gentle, supportive, and validating approach. I find that my clients and students feel calm and comforted after their sessions and classes.



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