Patiently Accept Meditative Resistance and Allow It to Free You From Unwanted Thoughts


At times you have resistance while doing your meditative practice. You are listening to the words and trying to keep up but something mysteriously holds you back or following becomes difficult. Your mind wanders or you realize you missed it. The Mind does enter ebbs and flows of resistance. Continue, relax, and accept that this is your next step and change will occur.

Perhaps you go through weeks where you are open and inspired, then suddenly a wall forms. You just can’t focus during your meditation one day. Don’t worry. Meditation is a process. Training the Mind is a gentle workout. At times you will hit barriers. When you do bring awareness to them and allow them. Next, sense the feelings associated with those surfacing obstructions. Time spent in acknowledgement can free you to continue. Even when you get to a point where it seems like you can’t hear the words remember you are exactly where you need to be and making progress.

Envisioning your blockage as a mountain, you can climb over the mountain or dig a tunnel through it. During your digging you could become impatient, overwhelmed, and over-worked then suddenly uncover a treasure chest of hidden thoughts that release you and unburden you. While on the other hand climbing the mountain you begin free and unencumbered but along the way you strain harder and harder to reach each point. At each turn you realize a new messenger delivers a gift of knowing. Either way you overcome it.

Even though you confront seeming effort, it is merely acceptance of where you are on your journey and what you have collected along the way. Today some of the attachments to those old thoughts no longer serve you. When you are ready just look at the feelings you sense connected to the thought, then cut them free to drift away. At times you need further acceptance. Time will show you what you need as you continuously invest it in your meditative practice.

Often you will notice after you have completed your rocky, overtaxing meditation you are more at peace. Protective resistance was cloudy and murky. Noting that your mind formed it to serve you and welcoming it at the right time you will open to experience the truth behind the resistance or it will melt away. You find that it is not necessary to analyze it. Above all, feeling lighter and more empowered is freedom from the bondage to turbulent thoughts. Indeed, acceptance and trust in the process is all you really need. Soon you will relinquish your resistance and what it meant to reveal to you and you begin again with a heightened level of comfort and pleasure.

Trough Meditation, Yoga, and Energy Healing with Essential Oils I guide clients and students through self-discovery and coping with illness, losses, and challenges. When directing classes and sessions I use a gentle, supportive, and validating approach. I find that my clients and students feel calm and comforted after their sessions and classes.



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