Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men – Find Out What Causes It, Diagnosis and Treatment Options


Erectile dysfunction in young men is a real problem these days. There are many sufferers in silence all over world. Erectile dysfunction can be described as a condition where a young man’s male reproductive organ is unable to have a hard erection during intercourse. Some guys are able to achieve a certain level of hardness that unfortunately weakens prematurely. Erectile dysfunction affects males differently such that there are a few who experience it temporarily and others permanently. It was commonly associated with older males in the past.

Today, however, a number of men who are too young and active are suffering from erectile dysfunction quietly. This is one of the dreaded male sexual disorders which are also associated with impotence and premature ejaculation. It can cause immense dissatisfaction and anxiety in men who want to form lasting relationships with their wives or girlfriends. To understand erectile dysfunction in young men, people must know about the causes, diagnosis and available treatment options.

Erectile dysfunction in young guys can be caused by number of things including physical, psychological and medical issues. A major physical cause of this illness can occur if a man’s sexual organs are severely damaged or injured. Psychological causes include all triggers of mental depression and anxiety. Performance anxiety is the most popular psychological cause and it is about fears that young guys often get after failing to have a hard erection for one time. One failure does not automatically mean that a man will fail to satisfy a woman always. When a man is tired, depressed, drunk or under the influence of some drugs his ability to have satisfying coitus is largely reduced. Some medical conditions which are associated with impotency include heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and high blood pressure among others. Apart from medical, psychological and physical factors, a young man’s ability to have enjoyable intercourse with a lady can be affected by his lifestyle choices. Most of them smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and use illegal and intoxicating substances such as bhang and narcotics. These have the effect of diminishing libido and sexual drive in men.

Dysfunction cannot be treated properly without first being diagnosed by a doctor. He or she will do this in three ways.

  • First, the physician will want to collect a young man’s history related to the problem he is experiencing. For instance, the doctor might want to know if a man has premature ejaculation or poor libido. Furthermore, a physician may want to find out if the patient is using any form of medication or if there is a serious illness that he or she is suffering from.
  • The second part of the diagnosis involves a close evaluation of the victim to discover if he has a serious disease that he does not know about.
  • Thirdly, a doctor will want to do some pathological tests that involve evaluation of hormones, blood and liver functions. The tests are mainly used to reveal a certain physical abnormality that is known to cause erectile dysfunction in young men.

The treatment option chosen by a physician is mainly based on the severity of the problem that a person has. Some men can get better after receiving a focused psychological suffering and others need much more than this. That is why there are surgical procedures as well as medications for those who have a serious problem. Doctors have developed mechanical gadgets that are used to treat dysfunction issues. In order to enjoy the best treatment young men should choose the best doctors and make an effort to seek help. Living with this disorder can only bring suffering and depression.