How Powerful Is The Unconscious Mind?


Did you know there are two of you? Two of me? Two of old Fred Bloggs down the street? Oh yes, there are, but it’s all in the mind. Or more accurately, our conscious and unconscious minds.

The person who always likes to be in control of everything, tends to use the wrong part of his or her mind. People like this often find it difficult to sleep, being happy at parties or organizing office meetings. In fact, they can be very difficult at the latter. They not only want to control themselves, but everyone else around them.

Basically, they find themselves unable to relax. Even sexually they can have a difficult time, because to them, they’re losing control. They must control their partner and not allow their other half to give them the pleasure that could so easily be enjoyed by them.

Now there are lots of things that happen in your body over which we have no control whatever. More accurately, perhaps, we simply never think about them. Our digestive system, flow of blood and all the workings of our bodies about which we never think — unless something goes wrong.

But all this is governed by our unconscious mind. You’d probably drive yourself mad were you to try to govern these consciously.

So how powerful is the unconscious mind? What are its limits? You are able to lower or raise your blood pressure. Not through your conscious mind, of course, but by gently appealing to your unconscious. Hypnosis can lower or raise blood pressure, as we’ve just seen.

You may feel your feet becoming warmer or colder, and you’ll find yourself relaxing more and more.

Pain is another thing that can be turned off by your unconscious mind through hypnosis. Don’t forget it is the unconscious mind to which you’re appealing now. Let’s consider one of the most common forms of pain, the headache.

You can lie down and allow your conscious mind to wander where it will. It’s the unconscious part of your mind that’s in the spotlight now.

Think of your headache as a ball of fire, if you like, or should it be a dull ache, then as a heavy weight. Let’s say a heavy weight. You lie down, and there it is, throbbing away, your conscious mind saying;

“I wish you’d get rid of this wretched headache.”

But here your unconscious creeps in. You imagine the weight as a lump of cast iron, but slowly it changes to aluminium. The pain will tend to decrease. From aluminium, it becomes a piece of wood, then some feathers.

Like most things that you try for the first time, you may well have trouble ridding yourself of the headache. Do not give up. The more you practice, the easier and more fluent it becomes. I fear it’s human nature all too often to simply say;

“Oh, that didn’t work. What’s the point? That man was talking rubbish.”

As a rather silly analogy, suppose you started eating for the first time and something stuck in your throat.



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