Why Hypnosis For Smoking Works?


If you are reading this article you are probably a smoker that has recently realized the dangerous effects of smoking or a tobacco user that has been fighting a long battle to quite. It is important for people who are just beginning the process of getting rid of their smoking addiction to know that this journey is not a simple one. In most cases the potential for failure with regards to beginners in this undertaking is quite high however; with the use of the hypnosis for smoking approach most people are able to overcome their addition. Using the power of hypnosis to help with Tobacco addition is by far the best way to quite smoking.

Most people do not realize that tobacco addiction is more of a mental than physical compulsion. Usually, physical addiction to smoking or more superficially nicotine is actually quite mild, with some experts likening it to the feeling a person gets when they are slightly hungry. You may be asking yourself then why people find it so hard to quite. Well the answer to this is – due to the combination of both mental and physical addition. Cigarette smokers who are mentally and physically addicted to Tobacco smoking find it almost impossible to quit. Mental addiction in this regard refers to habits formed from years of turning to tobacco as a crutch. Once this habit is broken, most smokers become 80% closer to being addiction free. Hypnosis for smoking is the best approach to breaking this habit.

Nicotine replacement therapy such as the use of nicotine patches or nicotine gum to help with smoking addiction only servers to prolong ones addiction and provide smaller doses of nicotine. The only effective way of getting rid of your smoking addiction is by quitting tobacco “cold turkey”. Most people who wish to quite smoking have tried both methods over and over again without success. This is because when the intake of nicotine is stopped the body begins to recover however the catch here is that withdrawal begins to set in and when this happens it becomes almost impossible for tobacco smokers to quite. Quitting a smoking addition takes an incredible amount of mental strength that can not be accomplished through will power alone. Taking the hypnosis for smoking approach actually turns this struggle of will power in to an enjoyable experience.

Though there are quite a number of drugs available on the market that help smokers get rid of their cigarette smoking addiction, a large number of them come in the form of antidepressants – a solution which comes with its own set of undesirable or dangerous side effects. With positive changes hypnosis for smoking, therapy sessions are completely drug free and hence safe. The internet is a great place to look for more information on positive changes hypnosis and hypnosis for smoking.



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