Importance of Slowing Down


It’s an irony that in spite of our a modern period like now – when high technologies are continuously evolving to save us time and work, our lives are still in the fast-paced and we are more stressed and hectic than before. Our life moves at a fast-pace that it seems to pass us by before we can actually enjoy it. In spite of this, we don’t need to live this way. We should combat against a hectic lifestyle and start to slow down to enjoy life.

A slow-pace life means that you take time to enjoy your breakfast instead of skipping it to rush to work immediately. It means you are taking time to enjoy the things around you, appreciate the current view outside, focus on whoever you’re talking with – instead of always being in the phone or computer doing tasks and e-mail. It means single-tasking and not doing many things and focusing on nothing. Slowing down is a willful choice but is not always easy. It gives a greater appreciation for your life and highest level of happiness. Here are ways on how you can slow down with your life:

Do less. It is difficult to slow down when you have lots of things to do. Instead, make an effort to do less. Focus on the really important matters, those who needs to get done as soon as possible then you can forego the rest to another day. Put space in between tasks so you can work at a more leisurely pace.

Be present. You don’t just slow down. You need to be aware of what you’re doing every moment. When you find yourself thinking about something that had happened in the past, something that needs to be done, or something that you need to do, stop and slowly go back to your present situation. Focus on what is happening now – your actions, environment and your surroundings. This may require practice but is very important.

Disconnect. Do not connect always. If you carry a Blackberry or iPhone or other mobile device, turn it off for the meantime. Better yet, leave it when you are not expecting an important call or message. If you are always in front of a computer, shut it down once in a while and give time for other things. Being connected always means we’re prone to disruptions, constantly stressed and always being in control by others. It’s difficult to slow down when you are always expecting work or other things.

Focus on People. Too often we spend time with family, friends, relatives and other people without really being with them because we are too preoccupied with the technology. We’re with them but our mind is on something else thinking about the things that need to be done. We are listening to them but our mind can’t understand anything. Sometimes, we need to shut off many things in order to fully enjoy what is happening at the moment. We are truly connected with other people if we are with them in mind and in heart.

Appreciate Nature. Most of us are confined in our house, office and cars that we don’t have time to get out and enjoy. Sometimes, even if we are out, we are too busy with our gadgets that we don’t realize what is already happening in our environment. We should take time to go out, observe nature, breath and relax.

Eat Slow. Instead of always eating in a hurry or cramming to eat foods in front of us, we should try to eat slowly to enjoy the food that we eat and prevent over eating or dissatisfaction with the food. Appreciate the food – its texture, flavor and spices.

Drive Slower. Driving fast is pretty a way of life for almost everyone who are always in a hurry to go to work every day. Taking time to slow down in driving does not just slowing down with your life but also prevents you from accidents, fuel and waste in fuel. Appreciate the surroundings and you’ll get to your destination safely.

Find pleasure in everything. Make sure to enjoy everything that you do, even if it is just a household chore or babysitting your toddler. You will learn to love and enjoy your life more if you are happy with everything that you do.



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