Why Your Health Matters


We live in an age where nearly all goods are instant and foods are fast. Sure, they’re big help in cutting time in preparing meals and doing away with a good deal of hassles. And they can taste really great too. But the credit stops there.

Honestly, have you taken time lately to check whether your health is still as sound as it’s supposed to be? If you have long been eating all instant goods or dining in fast food chains, the odds are you have some health problems coming your way. And it could grow worse if you get on with your “instant” lifestyle.

But why this talk, you ask? Well, the answer is pretty simple-it’s because your health matters. In fact, it matters more than your fat bank account or your elite social status or your doctor’s degree. Call it cliché, but health is undeniably our most valuable wealth. You can dare say it’s as valuable as life itself.

Now as if it isn’t clear enough yet, let’s get more specific and look at a few good reasons why health matters and why the need to take good care of it. Here are they:

It’s your source of income. Wonder why? Well, put it this way. Unless some company would gladly hire sickly employees, you wouldn’t get a good job if you aren’t hale and hearty. But you may say, “doesn’t matter, I’m not planning to get employed anyway. I’d rather put up my own business.” Sure you can. But the question is how would you be able to concentrate on your business if you have an ill health to think about? Bet you can’t. So you have to be conscious of your health. Your income, it can be greatly affected by a sound or poor health condition.

– Our economy’s sour. Save your cynicism for the later and understand this carefully. We are suffering a significant economic depression today and it’s affecting everyone and everything. Worse, nobody really knows when things would be good again. So while waiting for the tide to turn, we’re all advised to save as much finances as we can. And a poor health would mean less savings and more expenses-huge ones. Unless this sounds alright to you, you have to make sure you have a good health.

– Being sick means not being able to enjoy a lot of things. Everybody knows this. While there may still be things you’d get to enjoy even when you’re sick, they’re only minimal. Not as much as what you’ll get to enjoy when you are all hale and hearty. Fun parties, exciting outdoor sports, delicious goodies and sweet stuffs-they’re just a few of the good things you’ll be missing.

There can still be a hundred and one reasons why your health matters. Not a little, but a lot! If you don’t want to end up missing a great job opportunity or spend huge bucks for medication or miss doing great things, you have to start taking care of your health. Eating instant goods or dining out in a fast food chain, may not be entirely bad. But you have to know your limits. Think of your health. If you already are, keep it up!



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