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Teenager Troubles: Dealing With Acne During Adolescence


As our children grow up to become teenagers, they undergo a change that manifests itself both physically and emotionally. These youngsters begin to develop their own personalities and begin to establish the kind of person they are going to be when they reach adulthood. But at the same time, these teens become bombarded by new things, new emotions, new challenges that can either make them stronger, or break their spirits. And to make matters worse, their bodies are undergoing the same intense change as well. This is why this stage in their life, adolescence, is such a crucial time for them. This is because whatever they experience during this time can be magnified because of their bodily changes.

Adolescence is about the physical and psychological growth of an individual. This can take place between the ages of 13 to 18. During this time young males and females begin to physically change to resemble adult physiques. This is brought about by a spike in hormone production. Hormones can affect the emotional disposition of a teenager making them more sensitive and emotional. This increase in hormones can also have an adverse effect on the skin which can lead to acne problems.

Seeing that teenagers at this time are developing their self-esteem and social status, they become more conscious about their physical appearance. Their physical appearance at this time is important to them because it allows them to instantly connect with the opposite sex. Blemishes and imperfections like pimples can cause stress and poor self-confidence which can lead to depression or embarrassment to the point that they no longer interact with their peers.

As a parent, it is our responsibility to help our children in any way we can as we know what it is like to undergo this kind of imbalance. Thankfully, there are many ways to get rid or acne problems. One of the most effective in getting rid of almost all acne and pimples is Acnessential. This particular product is effective because it contains 4% niacinamide which has been proven to be an effective treatment to acne. When pimples become prominent, introduce this acne cream to your teen so that it becomes part of his or her daily facial regimen so that they don’t forget to use it.

A teenager’s diet can also aggravate skin problems. Greasy and salty food like burgers, fries, potato chips and most fast food items can dry up the skin and begin to clog pores that can cause pimple break outs. While it can help that you teach them to eat more fruits and vegetables, eating out can be unavoidable sometimes. That is why using a 4% niacinamide acne cream is still advisable to prevent any acne development.

Pimples and acne can be quite embarrassing for a teen. It can make them feel self-conscious and lose self-confidence which they need at this growth stage of life. Through regular application of the niacinamide cream and additional maintenance (like eating healthier food), pimples, redness, and other acne problems will no longer be an issue for your growing teenager.



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