Tips to Get More Time for Workouts


A common excuse that people often come up with in order to avoid their daily workouts is complaining that they don’t have any time to devote from their so-called-busy schedules. If you are really willing to shed off a few pounds and get your body back into shape, there is no short cut to reach your goal. There are a million ways to squeeze in a few minutes to dedicate towards your workout regime.

Don’t Facebook your time away

Present time research shows that nowadays an average adult spends more than 7 hours sitting in front of his computer chatting on social networking sites like Facebook. Such hobbies promote inactivity, laziness and an excessive wastage of time.

Once your addiction to explore Facebook increases, you would soon find yourself devoting all your time to it. Instead of wasting so much time behind such a fruitless occupation, you should aim to reduce the time you spend on Facebook and dedicate the leftover time to tone up your body instead.

If you find it difficult to get rid of such an addictive habit, take the assistance of an experienced personal trainer who would help you organize your daily schedule. This way you will never run out of time for workouts.

Avoid doing unnecessary activities

Women seem to have a normal tendency to do tasks which they do not need to do, or worse, do not want to do. If you face similar difficulty of saying “no” to an unnecessary work, then it would be impossible for you to find some time out of your daily life for working out.

Learn to differentiate between tasks which are your priority and works which should be categorized as a sheer wastage of time and energy. Once you stop devoting time to irrelevant activities, you will find ample time to go for jogging, indulge in yoga or visit a gym.

Proper daily planning

It is impossible that you have no time left for working out after completing all the tasks in a day. This can only happen if you do not plan your day in advance and denote a fix time for each and every activity of your daily life. Organizing your daily planner in a methodical way is bound to leave a few minutes for you to train your body.

A resourceful planner aims to get all the major tasks done during the time of the day when one’s focus is at the prime peak. The less important works can be scheduled at daily intervals around the clock. Once you know what to do when, you will automatically find enough time to go about workout sessions.

Multitasking slows you down

It is a commonly mistaken notion that multitasking helps you complete several goals at once. Multitasking might have many advantages. But, it has a common disadvantage. It divides your attention between all those tasks that you try to achieve at the same time. Hence you would be unable to focus on any single activity.

As a result, you tend to take up more time performing each task. It is common to panic when you have a lot of work to take care off in the span of 24 hours. But it would be more effective for you if you relaxed your mind and took out the time to write down a to-do list.

This way you would be able to tackle one task at a time. All your attention would be dedicated to that task alone and you would be able to efficiently complete it in a much shorter time. You would never again run out of time for toning up your body.